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  1. R

    Best 2.1 Speakers under 2k ?

    is creative m2600 still available? cos i kno its pretty good one under 2k. Any other sugesstions? Bangalore.
  2. toad_frog09

    Whats better???

    Onboard ati 4200 (integrated with asus evo board) or xfx nvidia 8400 gt? I kno, i kno both kinda suck. I mean suck a huge lot, but hey, 5770's comming in a month or two!
  3. NeptuneTech

    New beginner on linux....

    :?......Hi there.... i have been using windows for a long time....and someone suggested on me post my querry on linux here...well i want to switch to Linux...but i dont kno how i can get started.....wouldsomebodky guide me please????:?
  4. N

    TV tuner needed...PLZ suggest

    Hello friends, I want to buy a new TV tuner card to record LIVE tv. My budget is 5k. I can check out any issue of digit also for this. but problem is i dont know in which issue i cud find one. My laptop is very OLD. So i wud Prefer going vid a USB TV Tuner. PLZ NOTE THAT RECORDING SHUD...
  5. S

    @iPod Nano 5G

    Is the iPod Nano 5th generation available in India?? Pls let me kno the price if anyone is aware about it..
  6. O

    which motherboard should i buy

    dear friendz, till now i m having an intel original 915 GAV motherboard with intel P IV 3.0 GHZ (HT enabled), now i want to change my board but not the processor. i want to kno, which is the newest board that can support intel P 4 3.0 GHz HT. D965 board is the last i came to kno but rarely...
  7. evewin89

    Linux users.....plz help.?

    Plz suggest some ideas so that I can develop some interest in linux os. Whenever I install linux on my pc,after using it for 2-4 days I always remove it coz I don’t know how to configure it. Eg. I don’t kno how 2 play a mp3 in linux, I don’t kno how 2 access ntfs partitions in linux.,etc. so plz...
  8. assasin007

    Plzzzzzzzzz Guys Help Me Out :(

    hello gamerzzzz and digiters, i need a graphics card desparately for my PC. the conf is AMD SEMPRON 2800+ 1.6ghz with 512 RAM. i kno its not evn a byte of gamin pc. pls help me find out a decent but cheap card upto 3000. m in pune
  9. J

    C2d VS amd

    i don c people talkin bout xfx mobos? arent they good nough?:( XFX nForce® 650i Ultra MCP is wat i intent 2 buy,is 650i history??heard the newer 780i and 790i'z r out? btw if m goin 4 Core 2 Duo E6750, i wld like 2 kno da EQuivalent AMD processors 2 .. which is better 4 gamin? btw ny1 can...
  10. enticer86

    Windows Desktop Settings- confused

    Hello ppl, Can anyone please let me know how to remove the colors from the desktop icons' name. As in the icon for My Computer, i dont want any background colors for "MY COMPUTER". How do I remove the same? I kno its abt tinkering some setting as highlighted in the pic Thanks :)
  11. raina_rocks

    hw to connect 2 pcs???

    hey ppl..... i want 2 connect 2 pcs in my room ..... can u ppl tell me hw can i connect it using lan cable..... i mean i need 2 kno d settings tat r to b made???
  12. Sparsh007

    Help With Installation Of Hard Drive

    i recently got a Seagate Barracuda Model Number: ST3300820AS Model Site On Seagate http://tinyurl.com/33aw37 i got the hard disk but no screws wires and stuff i wnt to kno how to install it if any1 cloud plz help me out thnx...
  13. J

    convert hd into USB compatible mass storage device<read pen drive>

    well i am new to this forum....so greetings....2 all da members..:p am not sure if some1 has posted this problem....... well i got a spare 40 gb Seagate hd which i want 2 use it as a USB compatible mass storage device like a pen drive... well long bac i had read an article...bout converting a...
  14. mayanks_098

    dis is 1 heck of a funny vid...i love dis

    u gotta watch dis.im not bragging. c urslf... http://rapidshare.com/files/29609004/bush___rice.wmv lemme kno if its nt wrkng also added on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn1vY8SS09A
  15. mayanks_098

    a cool new(cyber) place to hang out....

    guyz i hv two/three gud thngs to share wth u ppl. d 1st one being "SECOND LIFE" dis is a all new thng guyz.some of u might b usng it so its for those who don kno it. its a online community wch is 3d in wch u can hv ur slf as a avatar.u can hang out wth ppl.go places,,play games wth...
  16. Josan

    Broadband in Village

    I Live In a village which is 20 km From(nearest city) Ferozepur ,Punjab Currently m using Airtel internet wat i want to kno whether bsnl or other Provide brodband in village i tried bsnl c care but ,they say that they dont Kno abt this do any of u live in village uses bsnl...
  17. Aniruddh

    Laptop in US

    hii BUDGET-850$ MAX well one of my frnd wanna a laptop..she is studyin in US so shez gonna buy der itself and she dont hav much idea infact she kno nothin bout the latest confi etc so asked me to suggest,so here i m as i kno there r far better and minded people here in this forum then me so...
  18. A


    hey i jus formatted ma system n i dun have ma bak up cd so dunnno which hardware as in drivers to install fer them is der anyway in which i can kno wat drivers i gotta load??n from whr can i get em?? pl reply asap
  19. Sparsh007

    Any good apps for nokia...

    Does anyone kno links for good apps,games for nokia 3250
  20. A

    Ati Or Nvidia

    hey i am planning to get a new graphics card fer ma desktop wud like to kno which one is better:: 1)X-PCI 7300 LE--NVIDIA 2)ATI RADEON 9500 PLS REPLY ASAP THNX
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