1. R

    updating my windows 8.1 tablet to windows 10

    I have notion ink tablet running windows 8.1 ming preinstalled. I had upgraded to windows 10 home edition which is a free offer from microsoft. After upgrading i found that windows 10 updated some drivers without asking(that is a new feature of windows 10 whether you like it or updates will be...
  2. S

    Alternatives to Logitech G510

    Hi Guys I am planning on buying Logitech G510 @ Rs 5565 . I am currently using CM Octane but I feel its not comfortable to use it. I mainly use the keyboard for coding purposes. I rarely play games. Main Requirements Good Backlighting (Code a lot at night) Comfortable Price around 5.5k...
  3. Cool Buddy

    Macbook pro keyboard not working

    My friend has a macbook pro A1278. A few days ago, his keyboard started to malfunction. Most keys are not working at all and "H" is working as delete key. He has set a login password and since the keyboard is not working properly, he is unable to login. Today he brought the macbook to my place...
  4. T

    Gaming Keyboard with Mechanical keys.

    What would be the cheapest keyboard you recommend without normal membrane keys? I want mechanical. Or will a good gaming membrane keyboard be better than my normal nongaming logitech?
  5. B

    Mechanical keyboard suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a mechanical keyboard in the next week or so. I have used the TVS keyboard in the past (who hasn't, lol). Are the expensive ones really worth the premium over our old desi favorite? Am gonna primarily use it for coding and don't need any fancy macro keys and whatnot...
  6. adityak469

    How to Clean My Keyboard?

    The title says it all. I have a CM Devastator combo and its getting white day by day due to some kind of dust. I need to clean all my keys thoroughly. ( just the keytops will work if its too risky)
  7. paroh

    CBI arrests hacker for stealing Microsoft product keys

    source CBI arrests hacker for stealing Microsoft product keys - Tech2
  8. A

    y500 hdd and keyboard replacement.

    Keyboard of my lenovo y500 has been through rough usage and some of keys have surrendered . I want to ask that will I have to replace whole keyboard or only the keys which are not working. Also please tell me how much this is gonna cost me. Also please tell me which 128gb ssd i can use to...
  9. tkin

    Suggest Gaming Keyboard @3k

    Today I managed to do something that I had dreaded for years, I spilled some tea on my Logitech G110KB, it malfunctioned first, I managed to clean the keys but some liquid got stuck inside and caused issues, so I opened to clean it up and while trying to separate the printed circuits I managed...
  10. G

    Software for switching Keyboard keys?

    My two keys "Space" & "n" suddenly stopped working. Is there any software on XP to assign these two to other unused keys like "[" etc temporarily before buyin a new KB?? P.S- Dont tell me about onscreen keyboard, it irritates a lot + doesn't work with adobe reader.
  11. A

    TVS-e Bharat

    Hi fellow TDF member, i was looking to buy this keyboard: TVS-e Gold Bharat USB 2.0 Keyboards - TVS-e: This keyboard has no media keys / macro keys / etc.. It's just a cheap 200rs keyboard but with mechanical keys! Will it be a significant jump going from membrane keys to...
  12. sumonpathak

    Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard Review

    A keyboard is an important part of a good computer system and as such it has gained immense importance in the recent times. We have seen more and more companies taking interest in this niche and coming up with new products. Today we have one such products in our lab.. Presenting the...
  13. furious_gamer

    [For Sale] 2xHumble Origin Bundle (Early buyer non-BTA) for other steam games,TF2/D2 keys

    CS:GO & Lot of steam games for TF2/D2 keys I have the following games as keys/gifts: 1 x CS:GO Steam Key - 4 TF2 keys 1 x Humble Weekly Sale(ACE,TripWire and Atlas) - 1 TF2 key 2 x Super Hexagon - Steam Gift - 1 TF2 key 1 x The Ball - 1 TF2 key 1 x FEZ - 1 TF2 key 1 x Ignite - 1 TF2 key 1 x...
  14. S

    iBall Mystic Blue Bluetooth Keyboard - Review

    iBall Mystic Blue Bluetooth Keyboards doesn't have enough presence into the Indian market .Some major players have introduced some models in the market with hefty price tags so the question is that whats the point of buying Bluetooth keyboards. Bluetooth keyboards have a very different...
  15. C

    CM Storm QuickFire TK Review

    I recently purchased CM Storm QuickFire TK. The main reason i go with this keyboard was smaller size. Price for this keyboard was Rs. 6799.00/- from from Since this keyboard have a different layout for arrow keys, DEL, HOME, END, PAGE UP/DOWN keys, it take some time to get...
  16. SlashDK

    TVS-e GOLD Keyboard

    TVS GOLD Keyboard Review Review I recently purchased the TVS Gold keyboard seeing the fact that so many people swore by it, but considering that I could not find a very good review, I decided to write one myself. The TVS-e Gold is a mechanical keyboard i.e. one that uses physical switches to...
  17. S

    Touchpad & Keyboard Arrow Keys Going Haywire

    Hi all, I am facing this problem on a Lenovo G570 with Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), i3 2310M, 3 GB RAM. The touchpad is running haywire every once in a while and then the cursor is hanging. Pressing the Windows button on the keyboard is again restoring the touchpad. The problem with the arrow...
  18. N

    Micromax Funbook too many pattern attempts

    Hey, I bought micromax funbook few months ago. Now it is locked due to too many pattern attempts. As the wi-fi is off i can't connect to internet to unlock it from gmail account. so i read on the internet and tried to hard-reset the is what i did 1.Turned the tablet off...
  19. Hustlerr

    Looking for SMITE closed Beta Keys...

    Can anyone help me out ? :???:
  20. C

    HP Dv6 7039 keyboard prob

    I have purchased hp pavilion dv6 7039 last week some keys are not working how to get replacement as it is in...
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