updating my windows 8.1 tablet to windows 10


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I have notion ink tablet running windows 8.1 ming preinstalled. I had upgraded to windows 10 home edition which is a free offer from microsoft. After upgrading i found that windows 10 updated some drivers without asking(that is a new feature of windows 10 whether you like it or updates will be pushed down your throat). My tablet went into some strange behaviour. Rotation not working properly cursor not working etc etc. So I wanted to clean install window 10 basic on my tablet and make the wifi connection as metered. Then microsoft will not be able to automatically update my tablet and cause me problems. But now it is asking for product keys. Microsoft never gave me product keys. Even the product keys which I got by using thrid party software from the bios(when I was in windows 10) does not work. Has anybody any idea how to clean install. I don't want to go through the routine of upgrade because it is too expensive for me to download nearly 2.5 gb data. That also it requires a 3 g connection. Otherwise in the midst of downloading if you interrupt by shutting down, you have to start the process all over again.

How to clean install windows basic 10 on my tablet for which I am legally entitled without product keys using the windows 10 basic iso file which I downloaded from my office where I have access to fast Internet.

Any answers?


updates are pushed down your tablets throat by Evilsoft.
Follow the windows 10 thread to stop that.
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