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Software for switching Keyboard keys?


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My two keys "Space" & "n" suddenly stopped working. Is there any software on XP to assign these two to other unused keys like "[" etc temporarily before buyin a new KB??
P.S- Dont tell me about onscreen keyboard, it irritates a lot + doesn't work with adobe reader.


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There are some softwares which make use of the registry to remap your keys. A simple google search should give you some results.

Or if you dont want the softwares to mess with your registry, then there's a beautiful software called AutoHotkey.

Get that and write the script to replace your 'spacebar' and 'n'.

Example, you could remap your "[" key to "space" and "ctrl+[" to "[" so that you don't lose out on the default functionality of the "[" key if u need it in some cases.

Browsing through some example scripts should give you an idea of how the API for AutoHotKey is.

But again, AutoHotKey doesn't work in conjunction with ALL softwares / scenarios. For example, in an MMORPG like Ragnarok.

I do not know if the regex using softwares work in such scenarios. If they do not, then your only option is to get the keyboard repaired or replaced.


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just get a dell or hp keyboard from tradus using nehru place delhi/ncr off at a discounted price of just Rs.300(500-200 discount).


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My recommendation is Microsoft Keyboard. Been using it for a variety of purpose (including gaming) and still going strong. Minimum 6 years old.
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