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[For Sale] flat multimedia KEYBOARD , with palm rest for sale.


Cyborg Agent
I am selling a day old keyboard that my sister got me as a replacement for my old keyboard from USA, but I had already bought a better one so gotta try and sell this one .

Keyboard features :
- full sized keyboard with numpad
- Over 16 multimedia keys. (volume control, power, calc etc)
- palm rest
- slim flat laptop style keyboard.

1. *Model number and details: V7 slim multimedia keyboard
2. *Date of purchase: July 2012
3. Reason for sale: Have a spare, bought another one already.
4. Warranty details: V7 dont have any warranty in India. Although, the keyboard works fine .
5. *Expected Price: 300
6. *Location of Seller: hauz khas, south Delhi
7. Shipping: at actuals. Local pickup free.

Comes in original box , with drivers minicd.



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I am in , willing to Hauz Khas to pick it up.
Hold it on for me.
However I need to know that whether this K.B. has smooth buttons or are hard ??
Is it availble in India as well ?


Cyborg Agent
Not available in India. Buttons are not too soft, not too hard. HOWEVER, if you move keyboard a bit , then it makes some sound, like there is something loose inside it. Just want to be honest...


Sorry , I was looking for a K.B. with very soft/smooth keys . Withdrawing from it. THough , its pretty good deal.
Good luck with the deal.
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