1. bssunilreddy

    Create bootable USB drives the easy way !

    Hai, Create bootable USB drives the easy way Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It can be especially useful for cases where: you need to create USB installation media from bootable...
  2. jkultimate

    HELP: Bootable USB Win XP. No BOOTmgr?

    Just downloaded an ISO of Win XP SP3. And when trying to create boot to a pen drive using CMD, Diskpart, It's saying NO BOOT FOUND. And when I looked the ISO, there was no Bootmgr file in it. Is it normal? Should I burn that to cd instead of USB flashing?
  3. J

    How do I Make Custome Windows 7 ISO?

    It is possible to make custom windows 7 Ultimate ISO? I would like to make ISO with Pre installed software Eg: SAP GUI 7.30, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox.
  4. D

    Windows 10 update ISO help

    I did not get the reserve windows 10 app earlier but downloaded the iso for media creations... Now i have reserved upgrade and it is ready but i dont want to download it all over again by windows update as it is like 2.3GB how do i use the iso that i downloaded for the free upgrade and i want to...
  5. G

    Windows Vista home basic 32 bit iso

    I have a very old hp Compaq laptop with original windows. I wanted to format it but its recovery portion has gone kaput due to virus. And the recovery cds have water damage i guess. So i thought that I'll get the drivers from their site and download windows vista iso. Looks like windows 7 can...
  6. sling-shot

    Will the ISO downloaded from this site be legal?

    I have come across this website Windows 8.1 Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Official It allegedly provides legal Windows 8.1 Professional ISO for free download. I believe free is not as in free beer but free to create installation media from which a bloatware free install of Windows is...
  7. tkin

    Windows 7 64bit SP1 ISO Download

    Hey guys, I have a genuine license for Windows 7, but the disc doesn't serve me very well, the problem is since SP1 has been released it takes me over 10 hours to download and install the updates after a fresh install(BSNL), if I can get atleast SP1 that would serve me very well. The problem...
  8. 7shivam9

    Very STRANGE Problem :-(

    Ignore my Bad English , this is going to be long I am not sure where to start from :| so ill just write in points. > 4 dvds > 15 GB ZIP FILE > 15 GB ZIP FILE Splitted with Hjsplit. > 1 part of 15GB ZIP FILE File in Each DVD. > DVD are properly Burnt. SCREENSHOT -->...
  9. Harsh Pranami

    Slipstream win 8.1 update in win 8 set up

    Is it possible? I have a win 8 dvd and a genuine win 8 key. The win 8.1 update size is about 3.63gb. I don't want to download this size update every time I format my pc. I thought of downloading the iso of win 8.1, but microsoft clearly states that win 8 key can't be used to install win 8.1 from...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Integrating applications in Ubuntu ISO

    Hi, I use Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. I want to know how can we add software to this ISO so that whenever I use this ISO (for installing or as a live OS), those software are already installed. Thank You.
  11. E

    help me withWindows XP Professional Download

    I need to wipe my computer and reinstall XP with the license key. But I can't find a copy of XP Professional x86 or x64. Where I can get the iso from? Thanks
  12. NoasArcAngel

    Digital Camera Buying Guide. (semi DSLR and full DSLR)

    only cameras having a minimum of 4/3rds sensor or full APS-C sensors will be posted. 1. olympus E-PL1 @ 18,999 RECOMMENDED : a. Superior JPEG QUALITY...
  13. P

    Windows 8 sdk iso

    Any one know if i can get the Windows 8 sdk in the iso format..?
  14. kisame

    Boot Linux ISOs directly from hard drive.

    The following tutorial helps you to boot linux ISOs without using pendrive/dvd/cd. This tutorial can be followed using both EFI/BIOS setup.(Another tutorial specifically for EFI setup.) Note:If anyone has easier method,please post. Prerequisites 1.A fat32(preferable) partition(big enough to...
  15. ratzee199

    Game Cloner

    I just got some information on a software. The name is GAME CLONER Link is: Game Copy Software - Game-Cloner As per the description, "Game-Cloner 2 is a game copy tool for you to play games on different consoles. It can achieve PS3/PS2 game copy, Xbox 360 game copy, Wii game copy and PC game...
  16. patkim

    Unable to create USB bootable Mint 12

    I tried creating a USB bootable from Mint 12 iso using Unetbootin for windows. However I continue to get Boot Failure msg when actual booting. USB drive is bootable suppoted and I have checked it by creaing MS DOS boot on it and booting to dos. Could someone help or suggest how to go about...
  17. S

    Book on basics of Photography

    hi all, I tried to find a thread related to books on photography, but did not got one... So I am asking everybody here I Want a Book on basics of Photography i actually want to learn like what is ISO, Exposure , aperture , what happens if it is change in a camera. what value to keep it...
  18. ramakanta

    bootable usb !!

    How to create bootable usb from iso . please help me. thank you.:oops:
  19. S

    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    I downloaded an iso file of windows 7 but i cant understand how to make a bootable dvd of it using iso plz help me soon thanks
  20. cray.x

    Mac OSX virtualization

    first the system specs AMD A8 3850 Asus F1A55 Mlx plus corsair 4gb 1600mhz WD 250 GB I'm trying to virtualize the Mac OS X lion 10.7 in my system with VMware and Virtualbox none of these are helping me out. what I did is in the following steps:- * i downloaded Mac OS X 10.7.dmg * converted it...
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