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first the system specs
AMD A8 3850
Asus F1A55 Mlx plus
corsair 4gb 1600mhz
WD 250 GB

I'm trying to virtualize the Mac OS X lion 10.7 in my system with VMware and Virtualbox none of these are helping me out.
what I did is in the following steps:-
* i downloaded Mac OS X 10.7.dmg
* converted it to mac.ISO with dmg2img app
* installed VMware 7 mounted the ISO
* installed virtualbox 4.1 mounted the ISO and it isnt running!

guys ur help is needed i have googled everything!


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I dont think the virtualization software are compatible with the client version of MAC OS X.
They specificaly ask for a Mac OS X server. (Information is up to date, upto parallels desktop 6 and virtual box 4.1.8)


So whats the problem I had the virtual machine running perfectly except the graphics and have my desktop dual booting lion an win 7

Lion can not be directly installed from iso it. Needs snow leopard pre installed or use tony mac thumb drive method but that too needs lion on another computer ..


And dude you have a AMD Proc ,apple don't support them. You need modded mac os image or disk search google for that.


But For Lion In My First PC it Was A Upgrade Method and In New One Using Thumbdrive using uniboot !!
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