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  1. S

    Pop up ads annoying

    I am using android mobile. When i browse through internet, i am getting lots of pop up ads. Its very irritating. please suggest me best anti-pop up application to stop these annoying ads.
  2. Saptarshi5683

    Confuguration Help for router

    Hello Guys, Few days back I bought a D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N150 Cloud Router to use WiFi using my local Meghbela Cable broadband, I also successfully configured it and am using WiFi, but every now and then I have to login via the 24Online Client which gets logged out frequently and is very...
  3. Anorion

    Which are the best designed and most memorable video-game characters?

    Sketch Turner from Comix Zone Duke Nukem was hilarious, and over the top and Cl4p-TP. Funny and irritating. Also, the townsfolk in Sanctuary and Concordia, although they are randomly generated.
  4. Ricky

    Increase laptop speed without hdd replacment

    I have a laptop i3 8Gig ram (samsung rv518). I found that HDD is becoming serious bottleneck and now irritating. Since it has plenty of RAM, once everything is loaded then things run fine, infact I am so much annoyed that I do not close app once opened because loading form HDD is irritating...
  5. A

    Dell Inspiron 4010 N

    I have Dell Inspiron 4010 N which is 2 yrs old and from last 6 months it got hang problem with irritating buzzing noise. Please help me out/
  6. Bytebolt

    UPS without that irritating BEEP sound

    Hi friends, I want a UPS that can run my home basic config for at least 1/2 hour and doesn't make any of those irritating beep sounds as i have to sleep at night while downloading files in the same room :-D Any recommendations !!! ???
  7. quan chi

    Irritating display issue.

    Hi all. All of this started when i had opened the system to apply a new layer of thermal paste to the cpu as it was getting too hot. Kindly read the post completely. Well i am facing a strange irritating issue from the past few days.sometimes whenever i switch on my system the system starts...
  8. INS-ANI

    How to Disable the irritating CPU sound in VMWare

    I am running cadence EDA suite on Redhat,which is running on VMware.At every invalid action the cpu gives a very irritating beep. Please tell me how to disable this sound,its affecting me and people around me as well :(
  9. A

    last.fm WTF?

    did anyone notice that you cant listen to free music on last.fm anymore irritating :-x
  10. max_demon

    This is really irritating , Thinkdigit forum and quick reply.

    Has anyone else is facing this problem , this is really irritating many times we end up making a doublepost and we have to either switch in "Go advance" in order to post correctly :-? .
  11. Ron

    Downloading Miniclip Games

    guYS, i want to download the miniclip games....so pls giv me the torrent or any other link ........as it is quite irritating to download from website thnks in adv.... Ron
  12. mikael_schiffer

    3 problems

    Guys, This computer is a pirated version on Windows XP. I dont want people to lecture me about using original softwares. This PC is govt. issue and the OS is also govt. issued. Apparently this is the only version of Windows XP they have, we r stuck with it. Recently, there has been this...
  13. K

    Software Installation

    Hi a friend of mine says installing softwares in c drive will make windows slow (booting and working) and install all the stuff in other drives (a bit irritating) i never heard such a strange thing till now. is it true???
  14. speedyguy

    Start Menu Semi Hidden

    I applied custom vista transformation packs to my xp sp2....things all fine accept my start menu one side is slightly hidden...it really looks odd n irritating....ne experience wit this? take a look at this- Enjoy~!
  15. a_medico

    Which TV Ad commercial do you find the most irritating?

    'Splendorful' bike !! Those guys are so irritating! So is the ad.

    "igfxext module"multimedia error,plz help me to get rid of...

    Whenever I play DVD files in any player I get this error,it also terminates various services and shutdown my PC.Plz solve this and thanks in advance for solvers,it is irritating me a lot is it due to corrupted codecs..... The log of error is here..... igfxext module <?xml version="1.0"...
  17. A

    My HDD keeps running the chkdsk during bootup

    Hi, Though I shutdown my computer the normal way, It runs the chkdsk everytime I restart my computer. Though it does not detect any errors it is irritating Its a seagate 80GB SATA HDD Any sggestions?? Thanks, Ace Ventura
  18. M

    most irritating couple of NB2

    hi guys who do u think is most irritating couple on NACH BALIYE 2?I think its SHWETA TIWARI-RAJA TIWARI.
  19. djmykey

    6600 shuts off automatically

    Ok this irritating problem started from 1 week. The phone shuts off at any random time automatically. Now this is too irritating. I shut off my phone and removed the battery and kept it for sometime. Then I again placed the battery and closed the phone. I dint start the phone, but it started up...
  20. A

    Please Help

    Hai, My name is Avinasha.I am having trouble with my computer since i have purchsed it.When i open some softwares,folders or insert a cd,sometimes(frequently Not always)my speakers give out a continous irritating sound.I scanned my computer with many Anti-Virus softwares,reinstalled my copy...
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