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  1. A

    Need a 5.1 Speakers of 4.5 K

    Hi, I would like to buy a 5.1 speaker system of arount 4.5K.The only good 5.1 speaker system available in my city is Creative inspire 5.1(Rs.3400 Here).So my only choice is to buy from ebay.Please suggest me a good 5.1 of 4.5 K After searching in ebay I found that the speakers...
  2. S

    suggest 2.1 speakers for 2k - 3k

    hello, Could you please suggest 2.1 speakers in the price range of 2k-3k. . if possible , something better than creative inspire 2.1 . thank you
  3. panacea_amc

    << suggest me a good 2.1 speaker>>

    hello people, i have got 4000 bucks...and am desiring to buy a good 2.1 speaker within that price.... i zeroed into altec lansing ATP3 and creative Inspire 2600.... do u have any other personal choices???? thanks a lot for ur advice....
  4. V

    Creative Speakers

    How much a Creative Inspire 2.1 Speakers cost
  5. mohit

    FS : Creative Inspire 4400 4.1 speakers

    Selling 2 sets of Creative Inspire 4400 (4.1) speakers. Condition : Approx 2+ years old but working perfectly. No original box and all. Warranty : 1 month personal warranty. Price : 2k shipped for each.
  6. blackleopard92

    powerful 2.1 speakers

    I was quite happy with my Creative Inspire 2500 2.1 speaker system, till I listened to those uber BOSE music systems :o after that incident, the creative Inspire set feels more like a mobile on full volume than a speaker system.:( so, I want help from the community in finding something...
  7. R

    creative 2.1 inspire volume controller

    ppl i got a problem... i have crative 2.1 inspire.. my volume controller giving problem... where can i find a new controller ??? is ne shop there in mumbai which can provide this???
  8. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a good 2.1 channel speaker.

    Well my budget is around 2000-2500/- so any suggestion. Got one in mind, Creative Inspire 2500. What's its current market price?
  9. T

    which one is better? ALTEC 251 or creative inspire 5.1.

    which speaker is better n why???
  10. N

    problem with tv tuner card ?????????

    i have pixel view play tv pro 2 tv tuner card.my problem is that i record tv shows and play there is a sound.i have 5.1 speaker creative inspire 5200.i plugged all the wires.i have onboard sound device.plz tell how do i solve my problem?????
  11. I

    Altec Lansing ATP3 or Creative Inspire 4.1 ????

    Now my Frontech 2.1 speakers are dead suddenly.WTF.It was a very horrible experience with frontech. Now I am looking for decent 2.1 speakers or 4.1 below 3K I have listened to the sound quality of Creative Inspire 4.1 but dont know about ATP3.Creative 4.1 is good but not awesome. SO im...
  12. T

    which UPS will perform my needs ?

    My configuration is P4 3 GHz with Iltel 915GAV mb, the power requirements are --- 1.300Watt SMPS -----> contribute to 420 VA [Digit Calculation] 2.Samsung Syncmaster 763MB Magic Bright 17" ---> 115 VA 3.Canon Printer xnui255 ----> 21 VA these are connected to my 625VA BPE UPS...
  13. R

    new speakers which to go for?

    hi i am going to buy ne speakers. mostly 2.1 which to go for? creative inspire or altek ? i am not so fan of rock music but i do like to hear music. my budget is not so high around 1900. reddevil PS : from www.deltapage.com -- creative inspire are rs.1850 is it correct price?
  14. S

    Cost of hardware ?????????

    Can u guys tell me the cost of these hardwares . I intend to buy them from local dealers . I just want to verify : 1. Creative inspire 2.1 speakers 2. Creative sbs 2.1 speakers 3.Altec lansing 2.1 4.LG 52X cd writer suggest some good cabinet under 1.5K
  15. R

    Any views on the Creative Inspire 4.1 system?

    Anyone have these or have anything to say about them??
  16. G

    settingup creative inspire 5200 5.1 speaker

    Hi frens, just bought the cheapest model of the 5.1 sorround spekaer system from creative the inspire 5200. I have opened and not connected to my computer. Could any one tell me how to set up it. Other than sound card what hardware can be used to connect it to pc. First what do you mean by...
  17. A

    inspire 5500 and audigy 2

    anybody know if the creative inspire 5500 are compatible with the creative sound blaster audigy 2? cnet says that they aren't, but they should be... TIA ajit
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