new speakers which to go for?

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i am going to buy ne speakers. mostly 2.1

which to go for? creative inspire or altek ?
i am not so fan of rock music but i do like to hear music.

my budget is not so high around 1900.


PS : from -- creative inspire are rs.1850 is it correct price?


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ATP3 is really gud but it will cost u some where around 3k.even X230 is also good but hav no idea bout its price.creative inspire will cost u some where around 1.8k and its a decent set of speakers.


DOnt go for creative 2.1.The bass effects are not acceptable and they always get spoiled after 6 months or later if u use them a lot like no sound from one speaker,bass quality decrease etc...
Go for ALtec Lansing speakers much better than Creative.

I have been using Intex 5.1 3300W speakers -Rs 2200 from the last 2 months and till date its rocking my apartment.

Creative speakers sound good with Creative soundcards only :oops:


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how abt the

Bose companion 3

or the

Jbl creature 2

they were voted to be 1&2 by Digit !!!

Bose companion 3? Costs around 18k. Would be better off buying the megaworks 550 which is THX certified...

JBL sucks.

The logitech X230 is in the same price range as the ATP-3...go for it.
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