Any views on the Creative Inspire 4.1 system?

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Hi I have em. 40 W RMS looks suffucuent for my 12' x 8' room. No distortion almost upto 80-90% of full volume. Breaks up after. However for DVD viewing a 5.1 would be better.


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I had them for the past two or three years. Excellent performance for their price. But there is one thing lacking, the centre channel. I think it would be better to go for the 5.1 system just because dvd viewing is not complete.


Thanks for the replys!

I am unsure about buying the 5.1's because of the price difference.. my local dealer is selling the 4.1 for 3100 and then the 5.1 form 4500 or more...

Another thing is positioning of the speakers... where can i put the 5th speaker? I figured out that I could put the 2 speakers on the table and 2 can be wall mounted (I will place my comp in a corner at an angle to acheive this)and the subwoofer on the floor next to the wall.. Now this dosent leave me with place for the 5th speaker...

And.. how long are the cords connecting to the speakers??

Thanks for any replies..


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Doesn't the 5th speaker go on top of the monitor? I think the price difference is always there. But trust me, you will regret the fact that you didn't go in for the 5.1 later on (that is if you watch DVD movies, otherwise, 4.1 is fine)

the wires they provide are not worth it. Go ahead and buy new speaker wires to give you some better sound...


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i am using these creative inspire 4400 for over a year now .. very decent for their price but the lack of a centre channel is the only downside. better get a 5.1 setup if u r into gaming n movies.


I have been using the Creative Inspire 4.1 speakers for quite a while and I found its performance quite good. I use my system for gaming primarily and also watching movies/listening to music occasionally.

In my experience, I never raise the volume of the system to very high as it will be a disturbance to the others. So, I think that unless you are going to use them for Home Theater environment, etc, you can go for the 4.1 speakers. Like you said, the cost difference did not justify the improvement in performance for me...

Regarding wires, I found them satisfactory and they were sufficiently long (I keep my 4 speakers on the table around the monitor and the subwoofer on the floor on a short stool).

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