1. M

    Earphones for 2-2.5k

    hey there everyone. I recently purchased some daaku earphones which were probably the worst decision of my life. It broke after 3 months itself. I need a new set of earphones around 2 - 2.5k which give me good bass and are gymming friendly( dont come out of the ears). i was looking at yurbuds...
  2. S

    Creative Inspire 2.1 2500 Issue

    Hi Guys, having issue with Creative Inspire 2.1 2500, the left channel is sounding very low, Also if the woofer is turned to medium or more then cannot hear sound from any channel but only hum from subwoofer. Can i purchase an 2.1 amplifier online to hook up the woofer and satellite...
  3. sameerdatta

    [Want to Buy] Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume Control

    I need a Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume control.
  4. shreeux

    Creative inspire 5.1 digital 5700 for equivalent receiver/amp?

    I had creative inspire 5.1 digital 5700 receiver/amp with speakers.few months back receiver/amp IC was busted due high voltage. Service people said we have no IC due model was stopped. For remaining speaker sets i need exact or equivalent or alternative receiver/amp only...Please suggest best...
  5. bhushan2k

    Best 2.1/5.1ch speakers in 3k-5k gaming/multimedia

    any suggestions?? edifier c2 2.1ch creative inspire t6160 5.1ch Altec Lansing VS3251 E 5.1ch any other??
  6. Blue Ripazah

    Suggestions for controlling niko belic (want to buy a gpu)

    Yahoooo (dancing madly in my room):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:2subs::2subs::bananana::bananana::bananana: :bananana: :bananana: Guy now i have a budget of 5k and im gonna buy msi 6670 1gb gddr5 My requirements are just gta 4 at playable graphics My pc.config I 3 540 Gigabyte h55m d2h 2gb corsair...
  7. Nemes!s

    cheap and best router for sharing

    I have 2mbps airtel connection which is connected to desktop, now I want to share internet on my laptop and HTC Inspire 4G through wifi and desktop wired. Please advice.:smile: How about this one ? *
  8. S

    creative inspire t3100

    guys after a lot of search on the net and in your forum, i have decided to buy creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers. i had one one more choice, altec lansing vs 4121 but its extinct. guys i need final comments. i am going to order them on flipkart for Rs. 2300/-
  9. S

    creative inspire t3130

    i was searching for good quality speakers with decent bass.i finally decided to buy creative inspire t3100 speakers. but they are not available anywhere in Goa. for online buying it comes up to rs 2600. the retailers here told that a substitute for t3100 is there which is t3130. sombody pls...
  10. ratul

    Need 2.1 under 1.5k?

    I just need a 2.1 set for gaming and occasional music (indian bollywood and some rock). I was having intex 2.1 2000w speakers, so basically need a cheap 2.1 system with a good bass and sound under 1.5k. Preferred brands - Altec Lansing (bxr1121 or bxr1321 or vs2621) Creative (anything in sbs or...
  11. P

    Volume controller for Creative Inspire 2.1 2500

    Hi guys need ur help in suggesting me where can i get the volume controller for my speakers Creative Inspire 2.1 2500.Asked few shops in nehru place but no luck. Please suggest where can i possible get it. Regards Parag
  12. J

    Creative Inspire T7900 & Creative decoder DDTS-100

    i want the exact speaker(Creative Inspire T7900/T7700 7.1 channel speakers) model and the audio decoder(Creative decoder DDTS-100). i know it's hard to find, but i'll try my best to get these. and anybody have this, am lucky to get these or anyone know where i can get please suggest me...
  13. nakulvit

    5.1 speakers (Any mid-range)

    Hi, I'm interested in the following models (new/old): 1. Logitech X-540 2. Creative Inspire T6060 3. Creative Inspire T6200 I am looking to purchase these right away and seller would be required to ship the speaker immediately. Also someone from Hyderabad would be preferable...
  14. newway01

    5.1 Speakers - Creative or Other

    Hi guyz, Looking for a 5.1 Speaker Set. Preferred models: Creative Inspire 5200 Creative Inspire M5300 Creative SBS A500 Creative Inspire T6060 Creative Inspire T6100 Creative Inspire T6200 Any other brands welcome. Don't need any fancy setups. Just a normal 5.1 set that works with normal...
  15. N

    best 5.1 speakers

    hey guys please tell which is best 5.1 speakers system iball 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker (Booster)-rs3400 Sony Speaker System SA-ID5000-rs 4400 Creative Inspire T6200 -rs 4700 Creative Inspire T6100-rs 4000 reply fast
  16. blademast3r

    Altec lansing VS2141 or Creative inspire T6100

    Hey guys Im looking for speaker system mainly for movies and gaming. I found out that Creative inspire T6100 fits my budget properly and its 5.1 channel surround.. But someone told me that AL VS4121has better sound quality and bass even tho its 2.1 channel. But dont 5.1 ch speakers sound better...
  17. D

    Multimedia speakers 5.1 ??

    I'm planing to buy a new 5.1 surround (DTS) multimedia speaker... please suggest me one around 6k.. what about the new creative inspire series ??
  18. Cool G5

    No Output from Rear Speakers in Creative 5.1 Inspire

    My friend recently(Four days ago) got a new system comprising of AMD Phenom 550 B.E with a Biostar A785GE motherboard & 5.1 Creative Inspire Speakers. The output from the speakers was fine for a couple of days but since yesterday the Rear Left & Rear Right speakers don't show up when playing 5.1...
  19. vikramkh

    suggest speakers within 1500 for laptop

    i am confused with two creative or altec as both seem to be good so please help, thinking of sbs 370 or inspire t3100
  20. R

    Looking for Speakers: Please Suggest

    I'm looking for speakers for my laptop and kinda tight on dough. So, the budget is between 2 - 3.5k max. Please, Please pour in you valuble suggestions. I have a few speakers in mind. what do you think about these: - Creative Inspire 4:1 4500 - Creative Itrigue 3000 - Altec Lansing...
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