1. C

    Infosys or Cognizant

    Hello, I have offers from Infosys and Cognizant. There is not much difference between the CTC offered. I am a fresher and will be completing my MCA in 2016. I am confused about which company to join. What I am looking for: -Good work-life balance -Growth based on work -Learning new...
  2. theserpent

    Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus

    Mangalore: Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus TROLL LOL LOL
  3. V

    Programming basics in Infosys, TCS, etc.?

    There is this popular article about training in Infosys, TCS and other IT vendors circulating in NITs these days. I am confused about this point from the article: Re: Infosys, TCS, or Wipro? - Susam Pal Most of the article was not relevant to me because as a fresher I am ready to join a...
  4. M

    How many of you are planning to start your career with Infosys?

    For every IT graduate, working with Infosys is like a dream come true. How many of you are planning to start your career with Infosys? Meet more Infoscions at facebookdotcom/infosysindia
  5. eggman

    Mindtree Or Infosys?

    Hi. I have got an offer letter from Infosys and will most probably get an offer letter soon(finger crossed) from Mindtree! Since package are almost same, which One should I join! While Infosys wins in Brand reputation and its training, Mindtree does not take so many 1000s of freshers each year...
  6. S

    best certification to get hired

    hello I am 3rd year cse student i am looking to do some certification this summer but i am not so sure about them i know certifications add value to your resume but will they increase my chances in campus placements in s/w companies like infosys, wipro, tcs etc. is it worth the effort...
  7. softhunterdevil

    3D projection system for cellphones by 2010: Infosys

    Another Big leap by India in the global perspective, specially technological field. For the first time you may have 3D hologram projection system in your cellphone!!!. Yeah, you will not need any monitor to see it. It will also be a 3D system, so can turn it and see fom any angle. Yeah right...
  8. S

    Infosys: Holograms on handsets by 2010

    Holographic mobile handsets capable of projecting, capturing, and sending 3D images have been developed by Indian tech giant Infosys. By 2010, the devices will routinely beam 3D films, games, and virtual goods into our laps, according Infosys, which has patented the handset. The portable...
  9. eggman

    Infosys Campus Connect!!!How good is it?

    To start with, I am in 2nd year BE program in Bangalore. Since my parents don't live here, its after only 6 months I get to see them. A few days back, some guy came to our full-of-sh!t college and offered us Campus Connect Program , offered by Infosys. They promised to give some crap sh!t...
  10. devauniversal

    Infosys selected best outsourcing partner

  11. anandk

    "infosys, microsoft most respected Indian IT cos."

    business world survey results : the 10 most respected (IT) cos in India - infosys microsoft ibm hp wipro tcs cisco dell niit hcl BusinessWorld 9/4/7
  12. S

    Infy becomes part of Nasdaq 100 index

    BANGALORE: IT bellwether Infosys Technologies becomes part of coveted Nasdaq 100 club.With this, Infosys has now become part of the elite group comprising of, Google, Cisco, Red Hat, Autodesk, eBay, Juniper Networks, Yahoo, Netscapes, Oracle and Apple Corporation. The NASDAQ-100...
  13. devaraj

    2,000 join Infosys on a single day

    My First Post ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2,000 join Infosys on a single day Surely, it can’t get bigger than this! Infosys Technologies saw 2,000 new recruits reporting for duty for the first time on a single day — June 26. That’s bigger than what most...
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