Mindtree Or Infosys?


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I have got an offer letter from Infosys and will most probably get an offer letter soon(finger crossed) from Mindtree! Since package are almost same, which One should I join!
While Infosys wins in Brand reputation and its training, Mindtree does not take so many 1000s of freshers each year so It feels special to be a part of Mindtree!! Any suggestion ,which company should Start my careeer with?

P.S. I am planning to work in any comapny for 1-2 years before I will do my MBA!


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man infy is brand

but only thing the training is torture n u have to go mysore

i think its upto u to decide...imo infy ok


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infy and mysore campus is the best thing one can have during trng ¡¡¡


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AFAIK Mindtree is into much more and diversified market than Infy. If I am correct, Mindtree's R&D budget and facilities are bigger than Infy. They are also a part of Bluetooth SIG (correct me if I am wrong). Apart from IT Services they are into much more things; whereas I haven't heard anything like that about Infy.

If I was in your shoes, I would take up Mindtree's offer, even if they offered a lower pay, considering the work and the opportunities. Of course, if you have no desire to get into products, R&D then I guess Infy is the appropriate choice.


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I had offers from TCS, Accenture and Infosys but chose Infosys solely for the Mysore Campus (and the fun that can be had there).

No idea about Mindtree. BTW when's your joining date for Infy? Mine's 30th August.


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Well IME MindTree is good choice. Also the training in infi is a torture. I'd rather study the engg subjects again ( :D ). Yup, but that depends on you. If you like to screw those subjects again go with infi, if you want to get a complete diff atmosphere, go for Mindtree....


go for mindtree..

but i will suggest u to try to get in some product based companies.... package will be good and u can learn a lot


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If i had to choose.....definitely Infi :)
Its the time where we can learn at our best....so y not take some pain....(especially when its renowned training)
Rest is up to u...

Wishing good luck 4 future....;-)
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