1. socrates

    Tata Indicom is now Tata Docomo

  2. abhinav_bipnesh

    Help to configure LinkSys WAG 120N with tata indicom

    Hi All, I have a Tata Indicom Broadband connection and try to configure my new LinkSys WAG 120N (router with ADSL2+ modem). But some how I am not able to connect to the sever. So can you please help me in configuring the modem. Thanks in advance. Regards, Abhinav
  3. phanisrinivas

    About Broadband connection , which is better?

    I want broadband connection in hyderabad. Which one is better ( in unlimited plan )? - AIRTEL ( 1099, 1399 - which is better ) - BSNL ( 750 (256kbps) ) - Reliance , Tata Indicom ( i dont know plans , are they high? )
  4. R

    Mobile Antivirus on PC

    Hi Guys I Am Abhishek From Kalyan. I want yo know is it possible to update Mobile antivirus from PC Internet I have Tata Indicom Dialup connection and Nokia 81 Mobile Please Guide Me
  5. satyamy

    TATA Indicom 1x USB Modem - 2weeks old

    My Friend wanted to sell his TATA Indicom 1x USB Modem (with Installation CD) Condition : Scratchless, looks like a Brand New One Expected Price - 1500/- Place : Prefer Mumbai or else anywhere in INDIA Please Let me know if anybody is interested ?
  6. raksrules

    Tata Indicom launches 4Mbps plans !!!

    Check this Link: *
  7. J

    openSUSE Linux latest (11.1) DVD

    I had installed ver 11 of the openSUSE Linux OS (came with Digit magz). Now I would like to install/upgrade to the recently-released ver 11.1 (see * But I do not have Net connection fast enough & 8 pm to 8 am (earlier free) is now chargeable (Tata Indicom ADSL). Is...
  8. B

    Sharing a internet connection between 2 laptops

    Hi frnz I had a problem recently. I have 2 laptops running XP and both are networked. I can access the files & play multiplayer games, etc. One of the laptops had the TATA indicom vdata card installed on it. So i wanted to share the internet connection on both laptops through LAN...
  9. R

    Tata good is it?

    im using a 512 unlimited plan from Asianet Dataline and get around 52-54 kbps D/L speed. but my cousin gets 100kbps D/L speed on a Tata Indicom 256K connection!! so im seriously considering about changing my provider and would like to get some feedback abt them. tq
  10. C


    I purchased a TATA INDICOM data MODEM. It doesn't came with software for windows Vista. It's packaging date is of Apr 07. Is there any software available now.Plz help urgently.
  11. ~It_is_Andrew~

    few queries regarding tata indicom Plug2SurfWhiz

    Hello All, I am currently outside my city (from kolkata to Bangalore) and I wanted a personal separate net connection for my laptop, as a fixed line was not option for me , neither a postpaid one - I bought one Tata Indicom Plug2SurfWhiz with prepaid T-Sim. I am having a few queries...
  12. A

    tata indicom vs reliance mobile

    Which is good in term of VFM :confused:
  13. T

    Tata Indicom WiMax launched in Delhi?

    Anyone having any info if Tata Indicom has launched WiMax services/trials in Delhi? Saw their posters, but couldn't read the customer care number.
  14. gopz

    FS: Hauppauge USB TV Tuner; Tata Indicom USB Modem

    I have 2 items for sale immediately: 1. Hauppauge WinTV USB2 Stick - 9 months old, comes with box, original remote, indoor antenna, cable & CD- Got it free with Compaq laptop, I dont know how much it costs in the market...
  15. H

    Internet Connection Woes...

    Hi Everyone, I live in Pune. My problem is that the place where i live, i wont be able to get broadband internet connection from AirTel and Tata Indicom. So the only options left for me is to go for Tata Indicom dial-up or BSNL broadband. Could you guys please tell me which one is better...
  16. hahahari

    Tata Indicom Broadband Sucks big time.

    I used to have airtel unlimited but went to tataindicom. Those sneaky S0B's stole the money right out of my pocket. Never go for tata indicom broadband. Go for airtel if U cant then BSNL is a hell of a lot better than Tata Indicom.:mad: Read about the whole problem here:Tata Indicom Sucks Big...
  17. go4saket

    Which Wireless Internet Connection has best speeds?

    We dont have Broadband availability in our office, so I have to go for a wireless/CDMA internet connection either from Tata Indicom, Reliance or BSNL. Which do you think is the best in terms of speed... Thank you.
  18. R

    Configuring Linksys WRT54G Wireless router to work with a Tata Indicom Infinity-256

    I have a Tata Indicom broadband connection: It has the Infinity-256 postpaid 256 kbps tariff plan with unlimited free monthly usage and with a fixed IP address. For our residential area, Tata Indicom runs a CAT5 cable with RJ-45 connector into our house. So that my family and I could access...
  19. H

    Tata Indicom Internet.Not detected!!!!

    I have a Compaq M2000 Presario. Today I got myself a Tata Indicom data card (USB drive) .While tried to install the same, to my utter surprise & disgust it says that "F" is not a valid path. I tried with my pen drive & it worked perfectly as before, being detected as the F drive. Next I tried...
  20. E

    How is Tata Indicom Wimax

    How is Tata Indicom Wimax Service in Bangalore. How is the download speed My main use will be VPN connectivity with my office network. (I searched, couldn't locate any similar thread)
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