1. rhyansy

    20162H MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure

    Theitdepot SMC International Acro Engineering Company MD Computers Ankit Infotech Shweta Computers Earth Syscom Mega It Store Monarch Infotech Supreme the It MALL Bardroy Infotech PVT. LTD. Gamesngadgets Multiple Computech Oasis India E Network Flipkart Amazon India Paytm
  2. desai_amogh

    duplicate products on eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, etc

    Guys, I dint put this under online shopping as I wish to discuss this and get a solution or suggestion. I bought a Puma shoes from Amazon couple of days back and it was delivered today. This is what I ordered. When I opened the box, I realized it was a duplicate product as the finish...
  3. Zangetsu

    12 Fastest Fibre Optic Internet Providers in India

    Source : 12 Fastest Fibre Optic Internet Providers in India – Tech
  4. Zangetsu

    LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market today

    Chinese electronics and content company LeEco has sent invites for a launch event in New Delhi on Thursday, where it is expected to unveil its range of Super TV televisions in India. Source : LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market on Thursday | NDTV
  5. dashing.sujay

    Redmi 3S Launched in India

    Priced at 6,999 INR and 8,999 INR. Spot on IMO. I was so excited for it. So who all are getting it? I'm buying it in first sale, along with my friend; the prime version. I bought Redmi 1S in first sale on 1st sept 2014, and it has served me well for 2 yrs with first problem occurred a week...
  6. P

    [Want to Buy] Nvidia Shield Pro Android TV

    Hi Guyz, I am coming back to India in September. I am going to purchase Nvidia Shield Pro Android Streaming Device. I checked that this model is not available in India, so if anyone wants it let me know. I could get one more. Thanks
  7. mikael_schiffer

    GTX 1060 = Rs23,000 ____ RX480= Rs27,700 WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

    Firstly, only the stock cooler designed Blower Style RX480 is available Asus Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 Graphic Card (RX480-8G) Secondly, we already have after market GTX 1060, in mini ITX and AMP overclocked edition Search : gtx 1060 They said AMD is dead in India for the past 2 years. This isnt...
  8. masterkd

    [Query] Fujitsu Service Quality in India especially Kolkata

    My friend is looking for purchasing a budget laptop within 24-25k and selected Fujitsu lifebook A555. So I just want to how is Fujitsu service in India especially in Kolkata.
  9. B

    Top 10 Destination in India to visit

    Top 10 Best Places to visit in India Goa Hills of Mcleodganj Srinagar Andaman island Ladakh Banaras Mumbai Almora Coorg Kolkata
  10. S

    [Query] zotac india warranty policy

    hi everyone. I am thinking of buying a GTX 1070 for my new comp, as my HD7850 has died. I want to get the Zotac Amp edition, as the 5 yrs warranty seems very appealing. Could any of you tell me if their service / warranty in Kolkata is good enough or if I should go for some other brand? - - -...
  11. mobilogist

    Raspberry Pi alternatives? (Made in India)

    Dear All, I recently come to know about raspberry pi 3 and really impressed by its size and configuration. One of my friend told me about arduino & beagle board etc. but i researched and found that raspberry pi has balance between features and price. Now, i am thinking to buy one, but i want...
  12. S

    Requires suggestion on buying 3D TV from out of country

    Hi All, One of my friend is coming from france and i am planning to bring 3D Tv from there. Please let me know what issues i can face while bringing TV from outside of india. Also if tv was old and used one then what will be the probability that custom people will charge custom duty?
  13. A

    Laptops with gtx 950m

    Hello, Nowadays I am researching to buy laptop or desktop Now in laptops I have seen in India all are available with 940m.950m is with premium range or people are selling after importing from other countries. When in India we can expect a laptop with 950m in decent price??start of 2018...
  14. saikiasunny

    Best CPU Coolers in India

    In this post I will tell you about the Best CPU Coolers in India available in various categories and budgets. The market is filled with CPU coolers ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 20000. But not all of them are worth your income..... So to help you in choosing the best CPU coolers in India, I...
  15. setanjan123

    Queries about Steam Traders

    So ive been recently buying a lot of games from sites like reapershop and steamz and the like . The prices are somehow lower than steam prices even on sale . After a debate with a friend on how safe steam gifts and keys bought from 3rd party sites are ive been in deep thought . How do these...
  16. Zangetsu

    OnePlus 3 launched today

    Its price in India has been revealed ahead of the official announcement. According to an advertisement published in English daily Hindustan Times, the OnePlus 3 will be priced at Rs. 27,999 and will be available exclusively via Amazon India. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, fingerprint...
  17. S

    Which Laptop to buy...

    Hi All I am planning on buying a high end laptop. The two I have shortlisted are (In order of preference) : MSI GT80S 6QE (the one with GTX980M SLI) MSI GT80S 6QD (the one with GTX970M SLI) I also saw one from "Aorus", but I guess they do not have any service centers in India (I think...
  18. D

    Beauty of Nature

    Just finished filming a short-film about nature. It's on Youtube, please check it out. Hope you guys would enjoy. Watch in HD. :D *
  19. anky

    Kindle In India

    hi Guys, M planning to buy kindle (basic version) here in India. I have some doubts which i want to clear before buying. 1. In India Kindle which are sold are old versions. Is it true? 2. Do we get the charger with kindle itself or we have to buy it separately? 3. Can we use USB LED for...
  20. Zangetsu

    MasterPrix Print Your in Gorilla Glass

    Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print your cherished memories on Gorilla Glass Corning today announced the launch of Masterpix in India. Masterpix is a service that allows users to print photos on Gorilla Glass. Source : Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print...
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