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Modifying a charger


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Hi friends

I have a Pantech burst charger lying with me. Can I use it in India? It says, 100-240V, 50-60hz, output 5.0v----1A. But it has 2 pins with a hole in as in USA. Link attached. Can it be modified to be able to use in India?

Pantech Micro-USB Charger - Wall - PTA-5010MU1US | A4C.co

You can use a converter something like this: MX CONVERSION PLUG 2 PIN UNIVERSAL MALE CONNECTOR FLAT: Amazon.in: Electronic
Its available @ local market for around 30-40 bucks.


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If I directly put it in plug using 2 wires attached to both ends, will it not work or converter is necessary as it is 100-240htz

Yes, it might, but still its risky to do so. There is a high probability of short circuit.
For occasional use/testing its fine, but not advisable for regular use.
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