1. ajayritik

    Need help on SQL Server

    Hi Guys for long time I intend to improve my SQL Skills, in particular SQL Server. Can anyone guide me here as to what is the best way to improve our skills.
  2. I

    New Display for lenovo G 500S

    I want to change the screen of my laptop from the current one which is in working condition to a better one. It doesn't matter if the resolution(1366*768) remains same, however i want to improve the picture quality which isn't great at the moment. Any options & where to buy from?
  3. H

    improve system preformance

    is there any way to improve my systems performance or speed my specs: windows 7 64 bit 1. Intel i3 3200 3.3ghz processor 2. 4 gb ram 3. Zotac nvidia gt 610 synergy edition graphic card 2gb 4. Ga h61m ds2 motherboard 5. monitor-Acer S190HQL 1366X768
  4. K

    My Tech Blog

    Hey guys, I wanted to know wether my blog is good enough or I need to improve in some fields. Here is the link of my blog TechBlazr And also guys, give me ur opinion on how to Improve SEO and traffic ! Thanks. - - - Updated - - - BUMP guys !! Need suggestions !
  5. P

    9 years old Dell laptop - how to improve with SSD?

    I have Dell Inspiron E1505 which is about 9 years old.. Its such a good laptop, it is still running today flawlessly without any major issues, except very short battery life.. It is Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD now running Win 7 But I have to admit, with modern bloated softwares and...
  6. A

    what apps are you running on your moto G ? Is any of them a must have ?

    i was just wondering what apps are really necessary to improve / monitor the functioning of this device. and which apps are you definitely going to recommend to fellow users ?
  7. Raaabo

    Forum Updated 5/2/2014

    Please report any errors you come across here. Some avatars might be missing, hopefully not. :) The blogs and CMS are for later use, we've upgraded to the vbulletin suite to try and improve your experience, but it's a work in progress.
  8. harshilsharma63

    How to improve PC audio quality

    Hi, I want to know of ways to improve my PC's audio quality. Some tweaks, changing the music player, separate codecs, anything than buying a new dound card that I can do in order to get better audio. I almost always use headphones; if that is of any help.
  9. R

    SSD - is it worth??

    I have never used an SSD but am planning to get one now. Is it really worth to throw in a 120GB (cant afford higher capacity ones) to my setup of i5 2500K and GPU 660?? Does it improve my gaming experience if i use it to instal the games apart from my win8 load time??
  10. V

    More ram or no if yes which one

    I use my PC for gaming purpose, Its config is ASUS LGA 1366 - Intel X58 - ATX Motherboard P6X58D-E Intel Core i7 950 Corsair 6 GB PC3-12800 1600MHz 240-Pin DDR3 Core i7 Triple Channel Memory Kit XFX HD 6870 x 2 (Crossfire) 3x1tb HDD Windows 7 pro 64bit Genuine as OS My question is 1...
  11. N

    Purpose of Graphics Card

    What is the main purpose of having a dedicated graphics card in laptops? Does it improve performance, display clarity?
  12. sanny16

    Need tips on pes 2012 become a legend?

    I playing for tottenham spur in second season and my current rating is 60 as CF with no star. How do i improve my ratings? What does ASSIST exactly mean? how do u define own goal? What does red triangle beside the data like dribbling indicate. wat does tenacity mean? How do i improve my defence...
  13. H

    How can i improve my blog???

    How can i improve my blog??? this is my blog I amNikoncoolpix Pls help
  14. A

    How to improve pings

    Dear friends i have Airtel 3G modem up to 7.2 Mbps, model- E1731 In my modem i have full signal strength then also my pings don't go less then 400 what should i do to improve it.
  15. T

    Improve range of WIFI router..

    I currently have a Belkin N150 ADSL2+ wifi router cum modem.. and the range is pretty bad.. Got a 3 bed room apartment and with the modem located in one room, don't get any range in my third room.. How do I improve the range? Any solutions? Is it possible to connect one more router to the...
  16. A

    V3242AU compaq problems

    are v 3242 au laptops realy worth it.what can b done to improve their performance and reliability
  17. Island Dog

    Tweak7 Released

    Stardock is excited to announce the release of Tweak7! Tweak7 is an application designed to help users meet their personal needs by configuring Windows 7 to improve and enhance performance. Tweak7 was created with both casual and power users in mind. Changes made can be easily rolled back...
  18. G

    Help Improve my site.

    I have recently launched new site i.e. I have explored some tourist places of Maharashtra and I need some suggestions to improve my site regarding designing, additions / deletions etc. to make my site perfect.
  19. IronCruz

    Improve Sound Quality?

    Is there any software to improve sound quality? Mine is Altec lansing BXR1121 Speakers.
  20. R

    Suggestion for removing PC Evidences

    Hello Everyone. I am looking for a software that will clean my PC. Evidences and improve its performance?
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