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what apps are you running on your moto G ? Is any of them a must have ?


Broken In
i was just wondering what apps are really necessary to improve / monitor the functioning of this device.
and which apps are you definitely going to recommend to fellow users ?


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I am not a moto G user but android user for 3 yrs.
First of all you need these apps to monitor bad apps
2)wakelock detector
3)lookout ad detector

Wakelock detector will tell you which apps is putting your device in wake condition.plz remove those apps(Don't do it if it is a system app)
lookout ad detector will tell you which apps are ad ridden.remove these apps from your phone to increase battery life.

You can use battery doctor to monitor battery.
Dice player for watching movies.
Maven Player for listening Music.
ES file Exploler for managing and sending files.
Audio Manager for privacy.
Sygic for navigation(Doesn't need internet to work).
IMDB for movie reviews.

red dragon

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Nothing really,just install some decent video player like MX/Dice..you are good to go....do not waste time or money on apps like battery booster,task killer or other system management tools.If you are rooted...install adaway or something alike


Yeah NO NEED to monitor device. No app is MUST to use device. If you want to find some good apps just google! There are thousands of articles on this :) cheers.
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