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  1. kool

    Lost IMEI of yuphoria, how to write back original IMEI ? :(

    Hi guys, I was trying to change IMEI of YU YUPHORIA "YU5010A" (Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410) for using JIO sim, :( and unfortunately I lost my original IMEI. :( Later I tried adding original IMEI by IMEI changer from xposed module. But able to add only one IMEI , and that too vanished...
  2. Neeraj J

    OnePlus One IMEI gone

    Hey Friends, I have OnePlus One, which one day I perform reset from boot loader. Now my phone booting normally but can't accpet any SIM. As I checked in settings IMEI information is gone. I don't have any nandroid backup. I have gone to Service Center with original bill and only thing they...
  3. A

    What are the things you should know before selling your old phone?

    Hello guys. I am going to sell my phone.I would like to know what are the things you should know before selling your phone. Should i give buyer my original bill. What about IMEI no.?Can it be used wrongly?
  4. T

    Seller at Amazon asks for IMEI number after delivery.

    A woman claiming to call from a seller named "Univercell" is asking for IMEI number of my newly delivered BlackBerry Curve 9220. I checked her number, it does appear to be of Univercell a their website univercell.in. I am suspicious about this request whether it is O.K. to give your IMEI number...
  5. F

    Help: Samsung GT i9003 Galaxy S IMEI error

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S Phone and After updating an application the Phone stopd reconizing the SIM card and is giving me an error regarding the IMEI. Help plz!!!! I Tryed Formating the Phone and reinstalling the Firmware, but no effect Thanks
  6. H

    IMEI number

    I have lost my galaxy note. I am unable to find box or invoice so can't able to locate IMEI number. I had my Samsung account registered on phone as well as Google account. Is there any way I can get IMEI number of my phone?
  7. R

    Lost Sony Xperia J

    Hey guys, my friend just lost his phone and he didn't install any such app with which he could wipe data or track. Is there STILL any way to find a lost phone when there are no such tracking apps installed .. in 2013? I heard there's a way via IMEI no. but Google isn't helping me much. Can...
  8. Desmond

    WhatsApp uses IMEI numbers as passwords.

    Hi, I stumbled upon this article which states that WhatsApp messenger is very insecure because of using IMEI numbers as passwords.
  9. varunparakh

    Lost ASHA 200 (How to track it via IMEI)

    Hey guys, My sister lost, her Nokia Asha 200 today, she has the IMEI no with her, how do i track the phone, what measures are to be taken next. Kindly assist me with this. Waiting for your replies.
  10. T

    Galaxy S2 Custom ROM IMEI messed up

    Hi I recently bought Galaxy S2 I9100 mobile and tried to flash Cyanogenmod 9 but after flashing CM9 I couldn't make any call or sms and I got to know that my IMEI is messed up with generic one '004999010640000' I tried to flash stock samsung ROM 2.3.3 (KE8) and 2.3.6 (KL1) but no luck...
  11. C

    Getting Mobile Phone from abroad IMEI doubt

    I am buying a cell phone from France and research indicates that it does have a IMEI number but its not registered and I may face problem using in India. I am thinking of trying my Indian SIM in that cell phone before buying and see if I get an error or I get signal and make calls. Is method...
  12. topgear

    India to phase out Chinese handsets by April 13

    New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Cheap Chinese handsets that do not have an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique 15-digit identity code - will be phased out from the Indian market by April 13, industry operators said. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has directed telephone...
  13. N

    Ebay and Imei tampered mobile phones

    Here's a question. I would assume all of us at some point have considered getting a mobile from ebay. How would you know if the phone had been tampered with ? I mean for instance if the phone was aquired illegitamatley and had the Imei tampered with, how would you know ? Also as importantly how...
  14. choudang

    IMEI track or blocking

    Dear All, I have lost my handset (Nokia E50) couple of days back and now i want to block the handset. is it possible to do so, if yes, how to do that. There is a one site where can register our mobile no along with IMEI no so that it will send the SMS to registered mobile no if SIM got...
  15. T

    Why IMEI no is required?

    Hello friends after a long time i am visiting the forum. But thats not imp at all. I have a confusion... I have read in the newspaper that in order to trace the terror accused the police require the IMEI no of the handset incase of a terror attack. According to police since the terrorists use...
  16. T

    DoT to bar calls from Chinese phones

    NEW DELHI: If you bought a cheap Chinese mobile phone recently, the investment might turn out to be expensive. Calls from such phones may be barred since most don’t carry the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, a unique 14-digit code used to identify valid devices. Even...
  17. Dr.tweaker

    Extent of copying!!!!!!

    hi friends,just check out this nearly equal:o fake replica of nokia n73 which i found at ebay.in.surely the chinese know the art of copying but in this case a very poor replica of n73.nyway i heard from somewhere that the government has already banned these type of mobiles as many of them do not...
  18. M

    Nokia N73 me stolen help!!!

    I just lost My Nokia N73 ME, can any1 tell me hw i can lock my handset using IMEI no. (i hav already blocked d sim).:confused:
  19. M

    Lost N73

    I've just lost my new Nokia N73. My query is: 1. Can the IMEI be tampered with (by any hacking software)? 2. I've heard that by IMEI u can track down ur lost handset. can any1 guide me as where to complain, so that my handset can be recovered? Plz. help fellas.
  20. A

    Do you want to check the quality of your Mobile phone

    I received this as an e-mail and thought like sharing this information with my readers. This thing is kinda interesting. Would you like to know if your mobile is original or not ????? Yes, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your mobile can reveal a lot of thing about...
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