1. D

    GS4 latest firmware

    anyone here can provide torrent links for the latest i9500 firmware(4.4.2) for india. Due to slow speed downloading via servers cant be resumed. MODS if this is illegal you can delete my thread:mrgreen: BTW what is the difference between russian and indian firmware.
  2. furious_gamer

    Question about Locked Thread???

    I am not here to sue anyone or to address the piracy issue, but all i want to know is why my thread get locked, stating the reason that "Don't discuss piracy". See this thread. I downloaded that game because it's way old and it's available for free. Is that illegal? :wink: Who said? Even...
  3. mohityadavx

    auto shut down

    Hi! I am having Reliance broadband connection. i often download big files and leave my system turned on entire night. However the reliance portal log out on its own wish sometimes so there is no download but wastage of electricity and loads of frusturation.:x I want a software which...
  4. P

    if its illegal, then.....

    i heard that changing of mobile phone IMEI is illegal in India what part/section of Indian law prohibit this and what are the punishment (if any) thanks
  5. digit i am thinking

    New internet piracy law comes into effect in France

    The first effects of France's new law against internet piracy will begin to be felt as the new year begins. The law was passed after a long struggle in parliament, and in the teeth of bitter opposition from groups opposed to internet restrictions. Illegal downloaders will be sent a warning...
  6. User Name

    Court ruling forces Mininova to end illegal torrents

    The Netherlands-based file-sharing website Mininova has removed all torrents that enabled users to download copyright-protected material. The move follows a ruling in a Netherlands district court three months ago ordering the firm to remove links to illegal content. The court said that...
  7. ashu888ashu888

    Is there sumthing wrong with (µTorrent 1.6+tpb) combination lately?

    Ok guys, I have µTorrent ver1.6 and off late o hv been experiencing a "A Socket operation was attempted to an Unrechable network" TRACKER STATUS field ?? :confused: is anyone else facing this very same problem with tpb t**rents+uTorrent conbination from the past 2-3days...?? plz do...
  8. R

    Find a friend

    Is it possible to get location of friends through mobile and his no. Is it legal or illegal
  9. gaurav_indian

    Very important info for people using rapidshare premium accounts!

    Very important info for people using rapidshare premium accounts! lately many of rapidshare accounts holders are receiving emails such as the following : and it's received from mails such as ...etc This is a Phishing scam !!! the hacker...
  10. cooldudie3

    "Piracy is not illegal" article I found

    Here's something I found that surprised me. Source: HERE I always thought piracy was illegal in most countries but this has seriously surprised me. Read the "Followup to the Previous Article" thing. I am surprised that he admits himself "misleading, but no more so than the **AAs."
  11. 24online

    RapidShare will not control Uploads

    its great and bad news...;) gr8 for ppl who dont upload illegal files and bad for who upload critically illegal files... 160 million files have already been uploaded to RapidShare. A number that proves, that the world depends on moving important data from A to B. A number that also proves, that...
  12. H

    Illegal or not

    Hey ppl, I was just wondering if any illegal things are posted on a site for which the domain is registered by me and given to a friend who uses some other server for hosting,will get me in needed if so what is the punishment
  13. Rahim

    Wierd Laws around the World

    Law & Behold People around the world have come up with strange laws in their effort to maintain law and order. NOTE: Some of the contents may be offensive, so reader are warned. Source: I found these from TOI newspaper and though about sharing them here. In Thailand, it is...
  14. CadCrazy

    Where to get paid/free looseless Hindi Songs

    Is there any website where i can get Lossless( original uncompressed) Hindi songs ? Wana make collection of selected evergreen songs. :D PS: Don't paste illegal links. I hate piracy here. instead use PM service :D
  15. R

    why the sites like pirate bay cant be banned?

    because everybody knows those sites are full of illegal content ?
  16. Batistabomb

    Help this guy CA50

    He can`t post any thing in this forum, nor can't start any thread. all this happened after he had updated new avtar it seems , or did he posted any illegal content against forum rules, help him chooto,pathiks,infrared-dude,vishal-gupta,ravi e.t.c if possible;
  17. jaya

    Using google map in cd illegal?

    Using google map in cd is illegal?
  18. H

    Its illegal to rip (purchased) Cd's: RIAA

    * * * Yeah sure RIAA, you...
  19. Kalyan

    help needed on media center screensavers

    Hi all.. I saw the screensavers of XP media center(aquarium, space, da vinci etc).. and they are awesome. I tried to copy them and run in xp proffessional but they didnt. If it isnt illegal, could someone please tell me if I can install those screensavers in XP Proffessional?(I've got XP...
  20. NucleusKore

    I am a Malayali......

    This is a nice song, sung to the tune of I want to break free by Queen * and another hotel keralafonia.mp3 - 4.61MB Yes and it not ILLEGAL mp3
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