1. pra_2006

    Help Regarding Team Viewer

    hello friends i want help in Team Viewer, can u guys tell me how can i hide my Firefox Browser from Team Viewer so that i can show only desktop and my computer, i dont want my browsers to show as i type users ids and password or other works thankyou, help will be really appreciated. waiting for...
  2. rider

    How to get rid of spam SMSs?

    Heyy, friends. I'm having BSNL Prepaid SIM that I'm using right now, the problem is it gets many spam messages from shops to sell their products. What should I do, please don't recommend me SMS blocker because they use different IDs everytime. I know about DND services but after texting START...
  3. Sarath

    Need For Speed: The Run

    Introducing NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN Official Website: Need for Speed The Run | Need for Speed Racing Game The next in the Need for Speed franchise is another awesome looking game, forcing lovers of arcade racing count down to the release date which is 18.11.2011. November last year saw NFS...
  4. T

    Steam Users Check-In

    Hello, I made this thread so all the Steam users on this forums can post their IDs here, helps to keep track of everyone. Hope the moderators sticky this if they have no objection. I'll keep updating this first post as users post their IDs. Digit Forum Id | Steam ID Tachyon1986|Tachyon1986...
  5. asingh

    Spam Volume on TDF

    Guys, Couple of weeks back, our admin Ico enabled the 10 post moderation mandate for new joinees. Due to this spam posts should be 0.00% or near to it. Talking about new ID's or new posters. Have you guys this to be positive. Have you seen any spam posts by new log in ids. We need this...
  6. ico

    Share your Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Xfire etc. IDs here...

    Steam: gbullet500 0Avb5KHSVc5pzdFk3czdZWFdPOHdTY0R3azBDaUNSLXc&output=html Fill the form here: * and ask us to republish. Credit to -
  7. R

    Opera Unite ids to share

    guys we need to share our unite ids with the tdf folks mine is
  8. Disc_Junkie

    Game: 0 -----500-----1000

    This is a game which I found in a community of Orkut....we have a base number as 500. The people who have their TDF ids starting with the letters between A and M will add +5 to the number and try to make it 1000 and the ones who have their ids starting with letters between N to Z will try to...
  9. panacea_amc

    << Dataone New User Blues >>

    hello people, i have a question. i got my new dataone connection..i got my username and password...where do i go to to see my account usage?? i have not got any portal ids>.. thanks!
  10. kerthivasan

    e-mail expert! plz help!!!How to hide others email address during bulk -emailing?

    hi guys. I often have to send a single mail to many people. Initially , I used to send each one of them separately. But later i learned that, if all the senders email address are types in the "TO" box, separated by commas, then the mail will go to all the mentioned e-mail ids. But the main...
  11. __Virus__

    is Yahoo Messenger working as of 10.00 PM

    ? I guess its an ongoing proboem. I can login to mail but not messy. NO IDs are working, for no one.
  12. V

    Login in Yahoo Messenger with Multiple IDs

    Login in Yahoo Messenger with Multiple IDs If u have many yahoo IDs and want to login more that one yahoo ID at the same time in Yahoo Messenger then follow this trick:- 1. Click Start > Run > Regedit > Enter 2. Then go to:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Yahoo/Pager/Test 3. In right...
  13. anandk

    Now ... Link Your Live IDs Together !

    If you have multiple Windows Live accounts, and find it tiring having to log in and out of each of them, then you can now link all your Windows Live IDs together so you can switch identities in one click from the menu on the top right of most Windows Live pages. To set this up, click...
  14. alsiladka

    Update to Windows Live Account enables Linked IDs

    Source - Liveside Excellant. Uptill now, i had to manually enter the passwords of around 3 Ids i used. Now all with a click of the mouse :)
  15. CadCrazy

    Beware of Creating Fake Web Ids!

    In a bid to save the Draft Information Technology (IT) Act of 2006 from its 'toothless tiger' reputation, the government is planning on a new clause that will make the furnishing of fictitious information on the Internet a 'punishable offence'. Typically, providing false information on the...
  16. comrade

    what's going on @ digit

    it seems someone is spamming this forum with too many ******** ids.. Shot at 2007-07-01
  17. eggman

    I guess bots wanna attack the forum

    Are they bot or some pissed off user having 10 ids........
  18. P

    Rs 500/- = your own website

    Here is a special offer for digitians... Pay rs 500 and get 100 mbs windows hosting and a .info domain ( name with 5 email ids.. Hurry up.. Grab now... For first 10 persons only... For details mail me to or call 09419412721
  19. prem4u

    How to remove from Autofill ????

    Whenever i fill online forms, user ids, email adds. it get stored. By filling again it shows what ids are used here. I want to remove autofill from textbox. how to do this. can any one explain.??????
  20. N

    "Login failed" on Yahoo! Go for mobile??

    I recently installed Yahoo! Go for mobile version 2.0 on my Nokia N70. However whn I try to login with my Yahoo ID, I get a "Login Failed" message. In fact none of my friends are able to login using their yahoo IDs. Does this application actually work? Gmail for mobile is superb & works...
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