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How to remove from Autofill ????

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Old is Gold
Whenever i fill online forms, user ids, email adds. it get stored.
By filling again it shows what ids are used here. I want to remove autofill from textbox. how to do this. can any one explain.??????


BlackBerry Guru ! :)
if u r uing IE then...

tools<internet options<content<auto complete .....unchek all the options there...

if u r using firefox then....

tools<options<privacy...unchk the options which u don't want

Hope This will help...


Cyborg Agent
if using Internet explorer

go to >tools>internet options> content>auto complete> uncheck all options & also press clear forms & clear password.


The Frozen Nova
And if u want to delete just some of the entries that were enetered by mistake, just highlight (dont click or press enter) that entry and press delete.
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