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  1. Charley

    How to remove emails from a text.

    I have a page full of text and many emails. I need to take out the email id's only. How do I do that?
  2. tango_cash

    how to chat with multiple ids in yahoo chat???

    how to chat with multiple ids in yahoo chat???
  3. M

    I Need A Laptop Carry Bag ...

    If anyone has a Laptop Leather bag(second hand) for sale, then plz. post some replies along with ur e-mail Id's , so that I can contact u Mine is a DELL Laptop - 17" Screen
  4. P


    Can i use webcam in trillian free version or pro version using msn, yahoo or icq ids. If yes how can i access it??
  5. Netjunkie

    Use the "Dot" now in Yahoo Mail id's !!

    Yahoo has just added "."(dot) in their name space. So you can have alias to your present ids here or you can create an all new ID for yourself. So register yourself fast & get the mail ID you always wanted. Now no more worries to have '_' in you mail ids. Source: Email
  6. J

    Reply address in Outlook express

    Hi all, I want to change my reply address....of my POP3 mail such that, they are replied on to different mail ids. So in the reply address....I put those two mail ids separated by semicolon and when I click OK it show error…Invalid address type and when I try to send my email with the above...
  7. A

    How to make a email ID on ur domain

    I have got a free hosting where i can create unlimited email IDs. I got Domain.(cpanel based) Tell me How I can make new email IDs also how i can forward it to a particular emAIL ID Thanks abhinav
  8. gauravakaasid

    disposable mail ids....

    can ne1 help me out?need 2 know da site whr u can create disposable mail ids?
  9. K

    Yahoo messenger problem

    Hai, I think i have a peculiar problem. I dont get offline messages in my yahoo messenger when i login with a particular user id, but it works fine with all other yahoo ids. I dont know what caused the problem. Please help me out. Thanx in advance, with regards, killer365 :arrow: :?
  10. I


    What is IDC Server what it is used for
  11. L

    REQ. getting other mail ids. how to?

    hi, suppose we have a yahoo group.... i want to get the other mail ID of the person... i mean the other mail ids which we would use to redirect or so... can we get to know that? that is... suppose i have my yahoo a@yahoo.com and i use my primary id to be a@gmail.com then how can i know this...
  12. maximus999


    I have Windows XP Professional SP2.........What is .NET PASSPORT??? I know whenever u gotta signup to ur MSN Messenger or Hotmail.......A window open ups prompting u for ur .NET PASSPORT........which is ur hotmail ID....... I really have a strange Problem......I have a couple of...
  13. kl_ravi

    How extract E-mail ID's from outlook express

    My Company's OE address book is corrupted and I need to rebuild the same. i cannot go through each and every mail to extract the E-mail ID's . Is there any software that will help me to extract all ID's and sort out the same. Thanks in advance.
  14. U


    Is it possible to make the sender list in Outlook Express as undisclosed to the recipient. So that the recipient does not see the other email id's in To, BCC, CC.
  15. F

    MSN Messenger 7 (beta)

    I use msn messenger 7 (beta). Since i have 2-3 hotmail ids, i check their inboxes thru msgr itself. Now, in the login window (where u hv to type ur id n p/w), i see a number of email ids in the drop down menu - which r old n i dont use. how do i get rid of these entries???
  16. kl_ravi

    How to hide recipients mail ID's in OE

    Hi all, How to hide the recipients mail id's in the e-mails sent to multiple users/ID's in outlook express 6.0. I want to use TO and CC fields only. I don't want to use BCC field Thanks in advance...
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