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I guess bots wanna attack the forum

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They are here from many days. There ID's are getting banned. Again they create new one and start sneaking into Q & A section.

Just ignore them. Please don't open such threads to catch their attention. That's the best way to avoid them.

Choto Cheeta

yeah saw, for some reason some one is not happy with some thing,

anyway, i belive the person is an active user of the forum, so, who ever are u, i dont know what reason is pushing u to do it, but i would like to have a word with u... :)

as u have created so many fake id, creat another one and contact me... Let us talk why are u unhappy with MVPs for Indian Tech Forums, by reading ur Web Pages, its cleare that u are Mature enough to uderstand few very very vital poitns, yet u ur self is doing some thing which u have hated on ur pages...

so, pls contact me over PM with any fake id, and tell me, what's really bothering u mate ??

Sukhdeep Singh

He is been here since months and everytime i report to mehul to get him banned :p Seriously who so evr it is....time to Grow up man :)


King of my own Castle
Somewhere i think the Adversary Magazine would get a better mileage from this. Digit is growing in popularity and theres no denying this fact.
I think IP banning will make more sense than Id Banning.Ya he may use different IP but its lot more work than making new ID's.
We can say ofcourse to ignore him,but then somewhere it does leaves blotches on the forum.


18 Till I Die............
yeah the fellow does have dynamic IP. And I do have a suspect as to who it can be but nothing verified yet.

Sukhdeep Singh

i_am_crack said:
but what are they upto????? I never see any of thoose posting or something???

You dont :eek: I see so many times.....spammming. But i report it tto Moderators and they delete it and ban him :)


Hey, I just checked out these 'mysterious entities' firsthand right now... I can see these spammy profiles logged in right now, on the main page. As such, I don't think I've encountered any posts made by these members.
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