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Login in Yahoo Messenger with Multiple IDs

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Login in Yahoo Messenger with Multiple IDs

If u have many yahoo IDs and want to login more that one yahoo ID at the same time in Yahoo Messenger then follow this trick:-

1. Click Start > Run > Regedit > Enter

2. Then go to:-

3. In right side panel right click > create a new Dword value > Name Plural > value 1.

4.close the registry editor > restart your computer

5. For signing in with new YAHOO ID open another messenger open as many messengers you need

6. To disable multiple yahoo messenger option > open registry editor > change Plural value 1 to 0.

Plz reply whether u like the trick or not.

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knew this already..........anyways thanx and Source is missing


my brother had kept the cutting of the page and today my mum found that whicle cleaning the house.

why are u saying like this.?

okie.. coz. u need to give the source. Coz people will think u found this trick on ur own.. and even they will think u are taking other people's credits

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Like I said earlier. Always mention where did you get the info from? If you found it in a magazine, then mention it and we'll do the rest by providing the actual source if possible.


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this tip was in the digit magazine's December special issue .... its was on the page of tech tips given by the forum members ;)
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