1. flyingcow

    [Complaint] Satan sent RAM- HYNIX

    After a vacation of about 4-5 days, I switched on my pc, checked net speed (Recent ddos, cablecuts) and opened TDF. Immediately my PC hanged, I couldnt move my mouse, keyboard was dead and the red sensor of my mouse wasnt showing up. So i had to turn it off directly :( , but when I switched on I...
  2. banskt

    [For Sale] 2 X 512MB DDR2 667MHZ Notebook / Laptop RAM - Hynix HYMP564S64CP6-Y5

    1. Model number and details: 2 X 512MB DDR2 667MHZ Notebook / Laptop RAM - Hynix HYMP564S64CP6-Y5 Amazon.com: 512MB DDR2 667MHZ Notebook Computer Memory - Hynix HYMP564S64CP6-Y5: Computers & Accessories 2. Date of purchase: March, 2008 (came along with Dell Inspiron 1420) 3. Reason for sale...
  3. R

    RAM Compatibility issue (Intel DG31PR with PC800)

    Hi, Am using Intel DG31PR with DDR2 Hyundai PC2 - 5300 (333Mhz) RAM (1GB) ... I recently bought another DDR2 RAM (Hynix 1gb PC800) which is from Hynix (I know I should have bought the same RAM) ... Problem is the comp. wont boot with the new RAM on any slot ... no combination would work ... I...
  4. iinfi

    query on dell laptop RAM make

    my roommate has a dell inspiron 1525. it came with 3gb RAM. now he has some issues with the laptop (display gone) and a local laptop repair fellow opened it and found 2gb RAM from samsung and 1 gb ram from hynix. i m gobsmacked. i have never seen dell giving RAM from two diff manufacturers...
  5. a_k_s_h_a_y

    hynix 1 GB 800 Mhz query

    guys hynix 1 GB 800 Mhz Ram Cost 2k....shld i go for it how is hynix brand in RAM.....so do u think this will be a safe buy shopping on 26th !! on the otherhand transcend 800 mhz i GB cost 3.2k
  6. src2206

    PC133 [266MHz] Hynix RAM

    For sale: RAM module Specifications: PC133MHz, DDR [266 MHz bus speed], Hynix [Brand Kings], 128MB- presently this specification is out of market [Kolkata]. Working Condition: Perfect, hardly used with Bill and Pack. Price Expected: Rs 1000 Location: Kolkata.
  7. Dipen01

    FS: Hynix 256MB SD RAM[133Mhz]

    Hey Wanna Sell my 5 Months Old Hynix 256 SD RAM 133Mhz, I was using it with PIII 1Ghz. Total Warranty was of 9 Months and so 4 Months of Local Warranty Pending. Reason for Selling - Building a New PC If anyone interested let me know :)
  8. A

    [Request Suggestion] What could be the price?

    Dear Digit Friends, I have recently upgraded my comp to Core-2-Due Now as I need to sell my old one, my vender ask me to sell it to him for Rupees 3000/- Please help me telling whether I am loosening or its OK. Please help me; I have no idea about second hand market. What I am Selling...
  9. stellar

    Dual channel Ram

    I have two 256 Mb Hynix DDR 333 ram installed in a dual channel mode. I like to know if i can add another non Hynix 256 Mb DDR 266 ram.
  10. B

    Help me buy a 250GB HDD

    Guys which of the following should i buy considering i have the followin config: P4 HT On an Intel 915GAV 512MB DDR SDRAM hynix 80GB SATA Seagate @ 7.2k rpm XFX 6600 The options are: 1) Seagate 2) Maxtor 3) Hitachi 4) Western Digital Thanks
  11. s18000rpm

    Hynix DDR RAM 256 or 512MB???

    i have HP Pavilion with intel 915g M/B, & i want to upgrade the RAM from 256MB to 512 or 768MB. the problem is that it says something about DIMM, so what shall i do, go for a one 512MB RAM or two 256MB RAM????? ->Another thing is that at HP outlet a 256MB RAM costs about Rs. 2000+ /-...
  12. G

    BIOS shows wrong Memory speed

    Hi, My PC config is as follows. AMD Athlon 64 3200+(Socket 939) Asrock K8 Combo-Z Mobo 512 MB DDR Hynix (333 Mhz) (MOBO supports 400 Mhz) Win XP SP2 when i viewed the BIOS for update, I came to know that it is showing the speed as 266 Mhz instead of 333 Mhz.Can anyone state any reason...
  13. N

    Which RAM i buy ?

    I have 512 DDR2 RAM(kingston).there are 3 empty slots in my motherboard.tell me which RAM (for which company)i buy.can another company RAM such as cuicial and hynix compatible with kingston. my motherboad is INTEL 915GEV.
  14. R

    Can I add RAM of other manufacturer to my mobo

    Hi My mainboard, i815e has Hynix 128MB SDRAM and 2 more slots are available. I am not getting Hynix SDRAM in market. so, Now can I add RAM of other manufacturer (other than Hynix) to my mainboard. Does having different RAM brands and frequency cause any damage to machine ? Which...
  15. P

    Help Urgent...Each RAM upgrade fails

    Hi My pc either crashes or fails to boot whenevever i try to upgrade its memory. ........First time when i installed a Infinity 256mb333mhz ram in addition to its default Hynix 128mb266mhz, it began crashing & crashing until i removed the newer one. I also checked with memtest to be...
  16. S

    Identyfy ORIGINAL RAM

    Please give me tips to identyfy original RAM (Transcade or hynix).
  17. teknoPhobia

    Hynix D43

    does anyone know the story behind the Hynix d43 chips, I'm seeing them used for everything from 3-3-3-8 400, Kingston value DDR 400 to 2-3-3-5 400, Legend overthruster DDR 400 to 3-4-4-8 500 Corsair TWINX DDR-500 modules. why would any manufacturer use fast chips and set the spd to lower...
  18. T

    How to Overclock ?

    How to overclock my new Rig, i have AMD 2800 + MSI K8MM + 256 MB Hynix 400MHz.
  19. M

    About RAM

    well guys, i just want to know whether Transcend Rams have which chip in?.is it the Hynix or samsung or something else.if it is samsung chip ,then why do people not prefer other Brands with lower price and also with hynix ram.
  20. N

    2 types of Graphic card chipsets

    In the market if u r shopping for 6600 pci-ex card, there r 2 kinds of chipsets available for them. 1st one is unknown while second one is HYNIX ...with original Hynix memory...which offers pure gr8 performance & memory bandwidth than the later one. but its bit costly ...Rs. 800 more. so...
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