1. Desmond

    Microsoft's Hotmail Challenge Backfires

    Source More Info Never really trusted Hotmail.
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    MS Hotmail/LIVE/ down?

    i'm unable to acces niether hotmail/live nor it keeps redirecting me to the microsoft US hotmail hacked?? people try checking hotmail/ do you also get this prob?
  3. socrates

    Microsoft's Hotmail, other cloud services go offline due to a technical snag

    Millions of users of Hotmail and other Microsoft services across the world could not access their online accounts Friday morning after the firm's cloud services suffered a major technical snag. Microsoft's Office 365, Hotmail, SkyDrive and other Live cloud-based products remained offline for...
  4. T

    Happy Birthday

    Well! Not today exactly, it was yesterday. was born in 1996 by an Indian American named Sabeer Bhatia and one of his friend. (First web based email service) :bananana: :bananana: It was HoTMaiL = HTML back then. On Dec, 1997, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for a reported...
  5. M

    my HOTMAIL account sending SPAM to contacts. how to stop???

    Dear Experts, pls guide me to stop SPAM mails, which is effected to my HOTMAIL account. too much trouble that, automatically it sents some links to my contacts. hardly waiting to get guidance best lovingly mobileman
  6. leo61611616

    Hotmail Gets New Security Features

    In a move similar to Google’s recent increase in security for Gmail, Microsoft has introduced new security features in Hotmail that makes it harder to hijack accounts and making it easier for users to recover their accounts in the event it is hijacked. To make things more secure, in order to...
  7. NewsBytes

    Hackers get over 10,000 Hotmail passwords, leak them over the Internet!

    If you have a Hotmail or Windows Live account, you had better go check it right away. Hackers have managed to get a hold of thousands of Hotmail passwords and posted it online, so we strongly suggest you first log in to your account and change the password before doing anything else right now...
  8. topgear

    Warning: Hotmail Passwords Leaked Online

    Over ten thousand Hotmail account details have been published online. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it's currently looking into a possible phishing scheme that has exposed the passwords of "thousands" of Windows Live Hotmail accounts. Evidence of the hack originally surfaced over on...
  9. R

    hotmail problem: "you don't have an inbox...yet"

    Today morning when I signed into my hotmail account I am greeted with this weird message which says"you don't have inbox..yet". what is happening? I have this account for a long time? Did any of you experience the same problem?
  10. Sukhdeep Singh

    Free Windows Live Hotmail POP3 access has gone worldwide

    I formated my PC yesterday and was looking for POP3 setting for my Live account and i striked this. Tested and it works:grin: Source : *
  11. A

    Enable Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Support for free

    Hotmail (actual name Windows Live Hotmai which formerly knowns as Windows Live Hotmail) has officially added free POP3 and SMTP feature support which used to available to Hotmail Plus paid subscribers. With Hotmail POP3 support and turned on, users can download the mail messages to desktop or...
  12. skippednote

    True or Fake

    Pls Verify....
  13. Vishal Gupta

    Microsoft Started Upgrading Windows Live Hotmail Accounts to Wave 3

    Microsoft has silently started upgrading existing Windows Live Hotmail accounts to new Wave 3. Some people have reported that when they logged into their Live Mail accounts, they were presented with a message asking them to upgrade to new Hotmail version. Remember that only a few accounts have...
  14. chicha

    hotmail pop and imap address

    are pop and imap for hotmail available for free? where can i get on or how can i get one. i want to use it with evolution mail in ubuntu 8.04 thakn you
  15. iMav

    i'm Charity by users initiative extended to hotmail & msn users

    yup, now users like you and me can also do some charity simply by using the above services. this service was introduced to MSN Messenger & Hotmail users too, but only for US residents, however by changing the country in hotmail options to US you can also do your bit. Screen shot step by step...
  16. dreams

    Opera 9.50 beta + Hotmail

    Hi Guys, After having hell lot of problems with FF I recently switched over to Opera my all time fav browser. But the pain has started again, I am not able to use Hotmail. I am able to open the mail page and able to login. After the login the status bar shows as follows.. Document...
  17. Gigacore

    Microsoft admits: we still haven't fixed Hotmail

    Some Hotmail customers are still unable to log in, Microsoft admits, despite previously claiming that the problem was fixed Microsoft has admitted that it still has not fixed the problem which has left tens of millions of Hotmail users unable to access their e-mail accounts over the past two...
  18. M

    ain't able to access hotmail

    guys i hvnt been able to access both of my hotmail accounts on my pc...while i can do the same on my phone thru gprs.. i have firefox and internet explorer... after i enter my login details, the page goes blank and after a few secnds it evn stops working... thn aftr like say 40 secnds or
  19. CadCrazy

    Coming Soon : Product Bigger than Hotmail

    Today, Sabeer 'hotmail' Bhatia, co-founder of the iconic hotmail, announced that he would soon be launching a product in the online space, that would surpass even hotmail. Speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing 'Nasscom Annual Product Conclave' in Bangalore, Bhatia said, "it is going to be a...
  20. A

    Hotmail 2 GMAIL ??

    HI everyone ?? Can anyone tell me how to bring in all my of my hotmail account to gmail ??? i m trying thier add account service but it is showin contact error...
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