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  1. C

    Hunk or CBZ

    Hi, Can you please tell me which one is better, Hero Honda Hunk or Hero Honda CBZ Extreme? In respect to Engine, millage and long lasting.
  2. joyson

    Which 150 cc Bike ???

    Hi digitians well not a question related to our forum but, i wanna ask u guys which bike should i go for,, Honda Unicorn, bajaj Pulsar , or Tvs apachee RTR.
  3. prashant9918

    What the hell are MTV hero honda roadies doing out there

    i like to see songs on the mtv chanale not to see hero honda roddies :rolleyes:
  4. drgrudge

    "Does a Porsche outsell Honda?" - Apple Year-End Report Card: A

    Continue Reading Does Porsche outsell Honda? Does Mac outsell Windows?
  5. hellknight

    Bajaj vs Hero Honda

    Hey guys this is the new thread i'm posting. Its about Bajaj vs Hero Honda. Please post your reviews about this hot topic and also vote. Myself, i'm supporter of Bajaj and acc. to me Hero Honda sucks. they introduce their so called crappy bike in the late 80's and we're still suffering...
  6. Pathik

    Need a new bike..

    I need a new bike, priced around 50-55k... I think i can get only 125cc bikes in that category.. So i was thinking about the Honda shine or the 135cc Bajaj Discover dtsi. wats ur opinion guys?? the newly launched bajaj xcd seems to be a flop.. I dont seem to like the hero honda glamour...
  7. Pathik

    New bike - Help

    Guys got to take a new bike for myself nd big bro.. We r pondering over discover dts i, hero honda glamour and the to be launched bajaj xcd.. I m inclined towards the exceed.. Budget max 55k.. Suggest..
  8. A

    An Amazing Honda accord ad

    This is an advertisement which stands separetly out form other advertisement. Full of creativity and perfection. Perfection is the underline principle of Honda and this ad clearly depicts that. Read the full post here.
  9. dreams

    Newly revamped Honda Uni Sports !!!!

    Finally the newly launched Honda Unicorn wit alloy has launched..hitting roads on April 8, 07 wit a price tag of 58k. Here is the image.. TIA
  10. T

    Games: How much they affect U

    Ever wondered how being addicted to games (typically the one u play on the puter) affects our daily life? i had no idea, until recently. I have been playing NFS - Underground day and night for the past few days now and i dont think of anything else other than being in the driver's seat for...
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