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Guys got to take a new bike for myself nd big bro.. We r pondering over discover dts i, hero honda glamour and the to be launched bajaj xcd.. I m inclined towards the exceed.. Budget max 55k.. Suggest..


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take a good look at TVS flame .....

also unicorn has much refined engine than pulsar..i own a DTSi 180 CC..its gud..but economy and rorty engine are its cons...

so first decide upto how much cc u wanna take 125 or 150 or 180 then we will suggest u


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well dude unicorn has the best refined engine in all the seg ...... try the xtreme and the apache RTR ....

bajaj XCD 125
Bajaj Exceed motorcycles may offer high fuel efficiency, expected price is Rs 42,000 ex-factory. The 125 cc Bajaj Exceed bikes will probably cost a bit more than 50,000/- on the road, and offer fuel efficiency up to 109 kmpl.

DTS-Si(Digitial Twin Spark Swril Induction Engine)
109 KMPL
Maximum Net Power-9.53 PS @ 7000 RPM
Maximum Net Torque-10.85Nm @ 5000 RPM
1275 mm Wheel base
2.75 X 17" Front Tyre
3.00 X 17" Rear Tyre

Front Registration Number Plate Patented

* A new concept in which instead of a rigidly fixed number plate, a flexible mechanism has been created
* The number plate swings to and fro through a link mechanism thereby generating additional clearance for the fairing assembly
* This enables the bike to have a lower tha conventional front fairing which adds to a the aggressive , crouching stance of the bike


IMO go for this as is looks are latest so can can flaunt ur bike taking anyother bike will be "oh you got xxxx, i also have"
but for this "oh whoa you got exceed, can i have test ride plea se?, does xceed really does 109kmpl?


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Isnt the discover dtsi better than unicorn?? Btw yea i m floored by the xcd's looks.. Also the dts si engine seems good.. I need a 125-135cc only.. More suggies??


As design point of view Xceed is good but i hate those back lites
Discover is good Especially the 135 cc
but my all time fav UNICORN has the Refined ENG in its class
i sugg u to test drive these three N go for 1
coz u need wat u want we only can give sugg not moore thatn that


I bought a Bajaj Avenger in December 2005, and its going great. No problems till date. Comfortable. Mileage 40 kmpl in city (Mangalore). It has a DTSI engine, front disc. Stable even at speeds of 100 kmph

Minus - No engine kill switch on the handle bar and ignition key in an awkward position
- No gas shocks like Pulsar


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My Suzuki Fiero too bought on 2001 last runs fine,eventhough i have to replace some clutchplate something..Jap a fan,ofcorz after yamaha rx100.

//sry if this is offtopic.cant stop ranting my rx100 experiances!(1999-2002)!{wanna be RD350 owner and two stroke fanboy!)
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