Need a new bike..

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I need a new bike, priced around 50-55k...
I think i can get only 125cc bikes in that category..
So i was thinking about the Honda shine or the 135cc Bajaj Discover dtsi. wats ur opinion guys??
the newly launched bajaj xcd seems to be a flop..
I dont seem to like the hero honda glamour..
hows suzuki zeus?? pls suggest..
Currently i m in favour of the discover around 56k.

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Yes Discover is a very good bike and it is very high selling bike too..
My bro has it and he has not faced any problems with it yet...
I cant comment on the new ones in the market though.


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well bruder forgot shine..........feels like a 100 cc LUNA :D

i own a pulsar 180 DTSi ...go for CBZ xtreme ..vry gud bike


Go for Discover. It has the longest wheel base in it's category. Apache wheel base is less, which really makes the bike unstable at high speed.


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a_k_s_h_a_y said:
xcd ! ok i don't know much about bikes but

try for RTR its damn cool
try askin ur parents.. to make it 68..
kahin gusse mein aake parents 68... se 38.. na karde phir pathiks new thread banayega "Finally i have got my bajaj chetak" "Buland bharat ki buland tasveer hamara bajaj"

hehe go for Pulsar :D


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No 125cc bike has a 5th gear.. and 55k se ek paise bhi jyada nahi ho payega.. So i m thinking to get the discover.. It has good mileage and pickup both.. Is it a high maintenance bike?? And is it fit for tall ppl?? M 5.11 and my bro is 6.3.. To chalega na??
Actually was waiting for tvs flame but it ll be too costly..
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