Which 150 cc Bike ???

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Hi digitians well not a question related to our forum but, i wanna ask u guys which bike should i go for,, Honda Unicorn, bajaj Pulsar , or Tvs apachee RTR.


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Been using a Honda Unicorn since last May.
Never had a problem till now and the Honda service people are very courteous.

Why not add a poll?

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try RTR if u have short height ..overall i think unicorn
(i have pulsar 180 ..but after 1 yr ..engine is so bhrrrrrrrrr ...bhrrrrrrrrrrrr)


Hey unless u want a bike right NOW, i advise u strongly to wait for some more time. yamaha is releasing a new 150cc bike thatll kick any india bike for a loooong time to come. check out the pic--

it is expected to cost around 70k BTW.


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Go for apache 160 cc EFI(electronic fuel injection) version.....excellent bike....


Displacement: 159.7cc
Engine: Fuel injected 4-stroke single cylinder
Max. Power: 11.54kw @ 8500 ( 15.7bhp @ 8500 )
Max. Torque: 13.1 Nm @ 6500
Gear Box: 5 Speed constant mesh
Clutch: Multi-Plate Wet Type
Bore x stroke (mm): 62x 52.9
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Fuel system: Electronic Fuel injection

Wheels & Tyre
Wheel Type: Diecast Alloy
Tyre Front: 90 x 90 - 17
Rear: 100 X 80 - 18

Brake Front: Dia 270mm disc brake, petal type
Brake Rear: Drum 130mm dia, Optional Rear Disk brake

Front: Telescopic Hydraulic fork
Rear: Mono tube 5 step adjustable Canister - Gas filled shock absorbers

Head lamp: 12V 35/35W Halogen HS1, Clear lens with MFR
Tail lamp: 12V 0.5 W. LED-Twin triangle with prism on lens
Turn signal lamp: 12V 10W
Battery type & capacity: 12V, 9.0 Ah
Ignition system: High energy IDI System

Height: 1100 mm
Length: 2020 mm
Width: 730 mm
Wheelbase: 1300 mm
Ground Clearance: 180mm
Kerb weight: 136 kgs
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.0 Litre

Max speed 120 kph (company claimed)


see this thread...


Wise Old Owl

wow,,,cant believe its under 70k
it totally beats everything in market rite now in looks
reminds me of old R1.


^^ 70k is expected ex-showroom price, so be prepared to shill out extra. but probably itll be max 90k on roda. nothin more.

And, u owned a R1 once? man thats way tooooooooooo cool!! i am dreaming of owning it one day(maybe 8yrs from now!!!). anyways tell me more about the bike. which yr did u get it? y did u sell it??


dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
pulsar 150: if u want looks,mileage,performance,but vry common nowadays

unicorn: smooth at 60-80km,stable
but not vry good looking

RTR160:best pickup
but small bike with less wheelbase
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