Bajaj vs Hero Honda

Which is better-Bajaj or Hero Honda

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Hey guys this is the new thread i'm posting. Its about Bajaj vs Hero Honda.

Please post your reviews about this hot topic and also vote.

Myself, i'm supporter of Bajaj and acc. to me Hero Honda sucks.

they introduce their so called crappy bike in the late 80's and we're still suffering from their sick 97 cc engine. They have stil not changed that engine and continue to sell it to this date. They do nothing in terms of R&D. Only thing is that do is to change the paint job and just add plus sign to their bikes.

On the other hand, Bajaj intoduces something new every year. They revamp thier bikes every year, as we have seen Pulsar. Their pricing is also right and their technology is also perfact.

Please guys, post your views and also vote on the forum.


Bajaj is a good motorcycle manufacturer, and that depends on which of their bikes you are talking about. I have an Avenger, which is really good. Then Pulsar is good too, and I'm not so sure about the lower end :p heard they suck, but you should also see the type of people who drive those and the expectations they have for the money they pay.


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Hero Honda is known for its service and reliability and Bajaj is known for innovation.
BTW i dont think that they compete in the same segments currently.
Herohonda wins in the 100 cc segment (Splendor > Platina)
and baja wins in the 125/135/150+ cc.
Dunno if Hunk ll beat Pulsar.


Bajaj motorcycle service is good too, so is their breakdown service here in Mangalore. I got stuck once due to water in the petrol. Have started filling at Shell since. One thing I like about Bajaj is service and parts are affordable. You can keep going to the company for maintainance. They have a good system too. An executive collects your vehicle, and gives it to you when you leave. There is no interaction with the mechanic so no need to tip. Some may argue its not a good thing :)
I have a Discover 125 and i am very much pleased with it. Bajaj's engines are superb in performance and now in fuel efficiency also. If taken proper care, they run like a beast. The only problem that i found in bajaj mcycles is their sound, its a little much as the bike gets older.

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I like Hero Honda bikes very much because their models are attractive and trendy but Bajaj scooters and bikes are not good looking.


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Hero Honda tried everything to sell their Splendor (Super Duper Trooper & Whooper)
but they still suck
I think they have got what they could've from us & its excess of it now


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Royal Enfield FTW....!!! :lol:

No-one comes close to the legend - Bullet.....:D


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I like Hero Honda bikes very much because their models are attractive and trendy but Bajaj scooters and bikes are not good looking.


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me and my frnd have bought bikes in jan 2007. I took HeroHonda Glamour 125 wit Disc brks he took Bajaj Discover DTSi. Now let me explain the conditions of our bike I completed 30,000Km mark he is not far frm me either. Apart frm changing spark plugs and some wires I havent spen anyhing on my bike on the other hand he had to change the Clutch plates, Chain and shock absorbers. he had to change to clutch plates as he bike get hot while consistently going at a speed of 60-70. I donot have that problem my bike stays cool. Milage glamour now gives 60Km/lit in city and 65-70 In Highways.
Discover in city gives 55-60 and on highways 70+.
In pick-up also Hero Honda beats Discover. my bike had even touched 9Kms/hr speed.
Now my frnd realy hate Discover.


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Yes you will get plenty of kids from Arsenal youth Academy for this :))
Well, I'm myself a kid and I've been able to easily ride Bullet 350 Electra........:D

By 'bachche' I mean weaklings.....:lol: You can consider C. Ronaldo one of them....A crybaby......:lol:


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sure innovation and R&D is lacking in HH but bajaj is no where near its reliability...

even auto car india acknowledged that bajaj has quality problems but also lower spare that kind of makes up for it...but still

i own a hunk myself and my friend recently bought a pulsar 150....mine kicks the butt of pulsar in high speed handling,feel,looks(subjective)...thing in pulsar is that gadgets and electronics are abundant....but on the core side of biking i prefer HH

my preference is that i like the composure and feel of kariszma better than the aggressiveness of RTR FI....
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Bajaj ftw..... Pulsar 220 DTSi ftw..... Discover 135 DTSi ftw......

As per me, I am 13 and riding a Honda Activa without a license and just got my Number-plate before that I was riding without a number-plate for 4 months :D:D.


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both company produces good bikes, but the truth is BAJAJ is far behind HH,
bajaj bike lovers always praise PULSER but wat abt. platina? jst. drive platina 1ce n after dat jst drive ny 100cc bike frm HH n u'll definately feel da difference.
according 2 me UNICORN is far better than PULSAR.
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