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Ever wondered how being addicted to games (typically the one u play on the puter) affects our daily life? i had no idea, until recently. I have been playing NFS - Underground day and night for the past few days now and i dont think of anything else other than being in the driver's seat for greater part of the day.

It only dawned on me how much i was into this game only when I tried to "DRAFT" behind a bike on my Honda! I was even so tempted to "DRIFT" whenever i had to make a turn!!! It wud have be fun if i had a real Honda though. What i have is a Kinetic Honda. Mind u! Scooter nahin, yeh hai Kinetic! :wink: Thankfully common sense prevailed and i have not tried any such antics. Now i ride my bike more carefully than before. For good reason!

I am not into FPS games, THANK GOD!!! THought this would make some good discussion. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience!


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hey its not only u!
when i played motoracer for the first time, that day i hit almost 2-3 bikes ridin in the city! don't worry, no one was injured :wink: n i was so fast dat i even didn't heard any gallis :evil:

TheMask said:
I am not into FPS games, THANK GOD!!!
do u have gun? just curious :wink:


Well, I'm more into stratergy games... Used to be a Quake 3 freak for a while, still do play when I get the chance, but not that regularly. QIII didnt really affect me that much, the only side effect was addiction ;).... ditto for stratergy games.

As for racing, I always used to play NFS when I had a chance, but not for long continuous periods, but just for the rush of it... I used to fininsh the game quickly too.. again not much effect of NFS on me...

The only games that affected me were:

1) Warcraft III.
Had just got this when it was released- simply was awestruck by the graphics and the gameplay- I was on vacation during that period so used to play like 12-16 hrs daily! :) After each days' session, I used to feel dazed and whenever I took a step forward, I was having half a mind to look at a map.. And also to be on the lookout for enemies :D

2) Bomberman!!
Yeah! I was playing this game during 1995 when I hadn't got win95 and was using win3.11 on my old 486. But I used to work mostly in DOS, as it was much better. I was addicted to Bomberman and after playing bomberman, whenever I came across a wall or a door in my way, I felt like blowing it up- and my vision was converted into a sort of a 2D plane and I was feeling very confused!

3) Wolf 3D!
No- NOT the new one- the original game when it came out (Was it 1994?)
Seriously scared the shit out me! I mean, till that time there was no such thing like 3D games.. When I played the game- initially I was impressed by the realism - but was also scared cause it was a bit too realistic for me! Always used to exit the game when a guard used to come face to face! Side-effect: Was sometimes afraid of going into the dark rooms of my house! :)

4) Gorilla!
I dont know if anyone even rember this game- Used to play it regularly in 1991-1992 on an old 286.. In this game, there were 2 gorillas at two ends of the screen. The gorillas were on the roof tops of some skyscrapers (I think it was NY city). We basically had to aim at the other gorilla by specifying the velocity and direction and had to throw banannas to destroy the other gorilla!!! :) After playing this game, always felt like throwing bannas at someone annoying.... :D


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Some kids in the states, took 2 shot guns and shot cars on the hightway, many people died.. And guess what they said??

GTA III made them do it..
They were just emulating the part of the game where yu have to blow up cars in limited time.


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Addiction...even I wanna describe what addiction really is...

about 2-3 years ago..I'm in 10th grade...summer holidays...recently been introduced to strategy my hand on Age of Empires...load it on my pc...start it up.

Don't know what time i started the calls me downstairs for dinner...ask her to send it to my room...after that, start all over again and take my eyes off the pc only at 5 a.m. because i'm hungry again and only to find out that everyone in the house is asleep.

go to sleep, wake up at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon...just start up my pc again...start aoe. about an hour or so later, have my "breakfast" (also upstairs) (note here that i haven't bathed or brushed my teeth), continue with aoe, have some snack in the evening (also in my room), continue with aoe, have dinner (needless to mention where), continue with aoe, sleep at about 4 or 5 in da morning.

trust me, this was my routine throughout 90% of my summer vacation. the only breaks i had were to either go to the loo, or when there was some kinda power failure. it was only during these short breaks that i went to the loo or took time to bathe or brush my teeth and all.

i, to this day, thank the electricity deptt. for those power failures. :)

but trust me, it dint end there. there was also transport tycoon deluxe, worms and many more. i know that these all were old games but those were the only ones i liked.


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Games are a warp hole when you don't have a control over yourself... And strategy games can be the worst, cause most of them last long, really really long... Of course FPS are more fun, especially on a network!

Started off with AOE, I even downloaded the demo of AOK (AOE2) from the Net on a Dialup in 2000! Took me ages! But then, my SSC vacations started, so a quick rush to the local piracy (oooops ;)) store, and got the full game! No seeing back...

In sleep I could see the heliopoli and ballistas!!! And when would I sleep? In the day, cause then the PC was used by dad too, so that way most efficient utilization!!! Food was boring, everything was fast food, sometimes, food was in the games, when the Mongolians were waging a war!

Found RR2 then... Oh boy, another good one... Ages and ages spent... People would swear at me for the continuous ding ding ding of the money making trains... Complain about how I'd lose my eye sight! (Luckily I am still with a 6/6 vision!)

But then sanity had to return... Can't keep playing... Got in control... And decided to stay off games for a long time... Still trying to do it though! :)



I am a GTA freak!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love wheeling the bikes and "activa" faggio on the long street.

Besides, I also love AOE, warcraft, all NFS, including Undergroung, i am forced to go to my friend's house every evening to play the drag race in underground and Call Of Duty as well. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I REALLY LIKED POSTAL 2 AND THE DIALOGUES, except for those frequent loading zones which would really irritate me.

Really liked to play NFSHS. The tilt feeling when playing on dashboard of the Ferrari F50 was awesome. About Porsche, i always tried to make fastest laps in Cote D Azur track. Ended with a 2min 19 sec lap. 8) 8) 8)


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I have been a crazy about games for many years. I got hooked when I bough a NES 8-bit video game. Man that was a time. I was crried away by Super Mario Bros & Contra. Now it has come all the way to Q3, GTA3 and AOM. Wonder where it will got in the next 10 years...

It affected me greatly. At some points of time I even dreamed them in my sleep. Man...what a mindgame...


AoE 2 has to be one of the more addictive games. The only one I really played online. I was never a fan of FPS, except jedi knight & half-life. I remember thinking commandos strategies while sleeping. I was really addicted to The Sims for a while too.


But before got my PC, I used to play Mario, Spartan X on my friends videogame. Arcade games were the only ones I played well.


i remember playing op flashpoint for about 4 hrs at a stretch and then planning strategies for those spec ops missions during studies, i even wrote down those strategies in my rough copy

i have played aoe and aom for 5 hrs at a stretch aand gone to bed(i remember having read =not to play on comp or watch tv till 1 hr before bed)
hence i dream whole night about playing better without cheats
and hence no sleep

first time i played maxpayne1-my brain got maad
i didnt know where to go what to do and was using cheats, so went thru wals in 1st missionand didnt complete as normal and kept wandering the streets in the game for 2 days

my sis complained about that bloodshed to parents and got banned just before completing the whole game, but still continued.

when i played igi1 for first time i liked it and went on playing, and didnt feel like stopping and failed in 2 exams during half 11th
i cursed my friend for giving it to me.
he had just bought it but didnt have a comp so itook it to play first.


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Obsession was born with me.Anything I like it becomes my obsession.It dates back to my school days and started with comics then came my media video game,not to forget those handheld games,then playstation 1,and now pc.Games that r addictive r the ones that affect ur normal life.The games that really affcted me r:

1.Many games on the Media (cartridges),I used to see them in my dreams.The worst of them all was a tetris like game "Dr Virus"I used to play that with my elder brother and we wud play it for hours.It was very bad for eyes u had to concentrate so much and water flowed through our eyes after we stopped.Tetris comes a close second.

2.The handheld games also became a craze for sometime.Though i dont remember the games but they were mostly similar to the media games.They were really addictive.I remember my fingers specially thumb used to move automatically(as if tapping the buttons) while sitting idle.

3.On playstation1 there was tekken,the game which led to real fights between me and my bro.Eventhough he is about 5 yrs older than me he used to fight with me over petty things like "tu ek hi cheez baar baar maarta rehta hai".I was a real champion of tekken.There was literally no move of any player that i didnt knew.I used to practice for 3-4 hours daily.

4.Tomb Raider series:I have played all parts of tomb raider till 2000 on the PS1.Damn i hate this game.It was so boringly puzzled.For 2-3 yrs while playing this series all i had been doing was finding paths eventhough it was so frustrating but i played the game only for the sake of completing it.So when i bought my pc,i sweared to myself not to play any of the lara croft games and have followed it to date.

5.Gran taurismo on ps1,This is the only game that has affected me truly in real life.While driving either car or bike i used to be pretty much in the "Racing mode".So the turns used to be stylish and every person on the road seemed to be my competitor.So overtaking them used to be my main aim.

6.Resident Evil2-The movie was very ordinary but the game was very good.Its one of my all time favs and wud definitely come on my top 5 list.It had some true moments of scare.I remember i was playing it at night and my bro was watching.We had switched off the light and theres one scene in which many crows attack u suddenly while passing through a corridor.They come by breaking the glass of the windows and sound of breaking glass takes a hell out of u.

7.Then came pc,and guess what ,the first game i played on my pc was max payne and i was simply shellshocked by the graphics and the realism.I used to play it nonstop during my vacations pretty much the the way aj described.So i used to take breaks only for important things and that does not include food.

8.I dont think Fps games have that much of impact.SO eventhough i have played quite a lot of quake its not much of a concern.Strategy games r on the top of charts of addiction.These include the AOE, AOM but Rise of nations affected me the most.All night i used to see RON dreams and this happened only a few months back.

If not controlled it cud be fatal,so my suggestion to all friends here is try to keep it under check.One thing is its very harmfull to play games at night(Not all though)so its adviced to cut on ur night pc use asmuch as u aj mentioned he used to sleep at 5am and wake at 2pm and then again started playing.So during holidays etc u cud play asmuch as u like during daytime but try not to play at night.(Damn thats so easy to say,if only i cud follow that rule myself)I think the main reason why i sit on my pc at night is net,and thats the main villain that has made me nocturnal.But i am seriously trying to cut on my pc use as it has started to affect my health specially eyes.
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