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Dear Auto Experts,

I own a Yamaha SZ-R 2011 model. I don't feel comfortable with it's clutch as I need to release the clutch fully (100%) to move the bike. Previously I had a discover 100 CC with the same problem which has rectified by a mechanic from my home town- Kerala.

Pls help me on how to adjust the settings for this. Thanks in advance...

Samarth 619

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I replied to your PM, but will post again for everyone's help.

Your current setting might be dangerous for the engine if the clutch is being disengaged a little, even when you're not pressing it with hand. So, do adjust it anyhow!
Its called "adjusting the clutch play" and its very easy, you need a tool to adjust it from the handlebar side... OR it might be hand adjustable too, maybe...

You just need to rotate it (the handlebar side clutch lever's nut/ ring) and see the clutch play being changed...
The clutch lever should be loose/ have a play of approx 10mm pressing of the clutch lever ideally, but we can keep it to any setting as per our comfort, except for 0 setting, because 0 setting might mean continuous clutch engaging... which may be dangerous for clutch plates life, for long term riding..

If you can get it done yourself, do it, or get back to me with your problem and will work out a way...

Meanwhile, check this video :-- Adjusting your Clutch Cable - YouTub

Best Regards,
Samarth Singh.
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