1. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on getting hold of Yureka Mobile

    Hi Guys, I need help from guys here who already are in posession of Yureka mobile. I need to know how can I ensure that I get this phone from Amazon.in site tomorrow. I tried to get hold of one last week and unfortunately even though I had it in my cart I initiated the purchase after 15...
  2. E

    A Russian hacking group has reportedly collected 1.2 billion usernames and passwords

    (Source) Last I checked, my bank account was safe :Fingerx:
  3. R

    PS3 slim 500GB in excellent condition + games

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: PLAYSTATION 3 500 GB : Console : PlayStation®3 : Sony India Source and Time of Purchase: May, 2013 Reason for Sale: Bought Playstation 3 Super SLim 500GB Azurite Blue Edition RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product...
  4. G

    HyperX Sets Overclocking World Record at 4500MHz

    HyperX memory was overclocked to 4500MHz, the highest frequency in the World. Overclocker with the name ‘Hicookie’ of GIGABYTE has set this mark in an overclocking tournament just before Computex 2014. Very little is currently known about the RAM used to achieve the world record, but its part...
  5. patkim

    Laptop HDD into Desktop..is it possible?

    Is it possible to install a laptop SATA HDD 2.5'' into a Desktop PC? Is power & SATA interface compatible and if yes, do we get any mounting device or something to hold it in place in the desktop drive bay? Thx.
  6. H

    Do you prefer stylized games or realistic looking ones?

    Recently, the Industry has been going in two polar opposite directions. Games are either becoming increasingly stylized (Bastion, Little Big Planet, Braid, Bioshock Infinite, Final Fantasy etc.) or are pushing graphics to look more and more realistic(Battlefield, Call of Duty, Killzone, Skyrim...
  7. A

    Transfer money from ondia to usa

    Transfer money from India to usa Hi My friend sent me a product through one of his friends from usa who returned to india. I need to pay him 52 $ . Which is the cheapest way to transfer money to his account. I hold an hdfc account and am open to other money transfer ways as well
  8. blademast3r

    Catleap q270 in India

    Hi all So this korean IPS 1440p 27 inch monitor has been gathering quite a lot of attention lately. It uses the same panel as the dell ultrasharp 27 and the generaly quality minus the panel has been reported to be very good. It costs about USD 300. Has anyone managed to get a hold of this in...
  9. A

    heating lappy

    hello people I seek help regarding a lappy cooler purchase , my sisters official lappy is crossing 92 C and it restarts again and again at 100 C. the tech dept at her India office are clueless about it, so she needs a lappy cooler which can hold the temps back atleast till her next trip...
  10. Gowt1ham

    AMD 965BE+MSI 790GX G65+4Gb DDR3+Tagan 500w+EVGA gtx 260+udac+1TB,500gb hdisk+MX 518...more

    reason for sale: need $.... LOCATION BANGALORE PREFERRED COURIER:BUYER CHOICE THIS IS A RAPID FIRE SALE: Prices can be increased or stuff removed from sale within 24-48 hours *Conditions apply :P No holding buizness for 1 hour or 1 day.....PM me only for queries/acc details only.... All...
  11. M

    Dual psu case needed

    hi i need any one know or modded the case so that i can hold 2 psu. I need to finalize one.
  12. K

    Best To Wait For 3D TV?

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new TV, but i'm not sure whether to wait and see what new 3D TV's come out this year. Are there any releases I should hold out for or is it worth taking the plunge and buying an existing 3d tv thats on the market right now? Thanks in advance!
  13. papa


    Hi folks, this may sound silly but I wanted to know . I have a coolemaster 1000W SMPS and I wish to run Two 8800gt cards in sli. What should be the ideal UPS capacity to hold on for say 20-30 minutes during power outages?
  14. R

    Best gaming console for my 6 year old son

    Hi Friends, I want to buy simply the best gaming console(which has a lot of free games) for my 6 year old son which he can hold in his hands(Handheld) and play.Kindly suggest the best available in the market today. Budget-10k Thanks in advance.
  15. B

    A P4 Based config from HCL

    My friend wants to sell his PC[brand HCL] Pentium 4 2.66 865 chipset XFX agp graphics card[5XXX series] 512mb ddr ram dvd combo + Cd rom Mini ATX factor & Lg 15" monitor he stays in Kolkata & prefers to sell locally :| His asking price is 6K Please send me a PM for further clarification...
  16. freshseasons

    Camel gone back!!

    Ok here is how it goes.Usually a camel can hold n amount of water for days altogether.But lets say you are in a reverse situation where you need to hold your piss without visiting the loo for not days but at least without going for 6 hrs. How do you increase your loo-no-visit quotient ...
  17. hot zubs

    Turning ON d light in Sony Ericsson P1i

    Hi, the only way I've found to turn the light on the back of the Sony Ericsson P1i on, is to go in to camera mode, turn on flash and hold down the camera button half way. There must be some way to turn the light ON without having to hold down the button? Any ideas? Any applications out there...
  18. I

    For Sale: PS3 40GB NTSC J & White DS3 & Burnout Paradise

    PS3 40GB NTSC J --- Rs. 13,700 + shipping 8 Months old Good for American Blu-rays The flap on the drive face is his contraption for a dust guard...:P... DS3 White --- Rs. 2000 + shipping 2 months old Buyer will be kept on hold on hold till PS3 goes... Burnout Paradise ---Rs. 1000 +...
  19. andy_shah_2000

    FS: High End RIG

    Gigabyte G32MXS2 Motherboard Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor Transcend Matched 2GB X 2 RAM ANTEC 900 Cabinet Samsung DVDRW Seagate 2X320GB SATA HDD --> HoLD for hanzy,domnic Cooler Master 650W PSU --> HoLD for hanzy Saffire HD3870 Viewsonic 22" LCD --> HoLD for rocky_pratik Complete Buy -> Rs...
  20. M

    Hold your fedora updates

    There has been an intrusion in one of the fedora servers that was used for key signing of the apps. The extent of the damage is being analysed. Till then fedora users are requested to hold updates and also update GPG keys as when update is made available. Full Story :-...
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