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FS: High End RIG

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Right off the assembly line
Gigabyte G32MXS2 Motherboard
Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor
Transcend Matched 2GB X 2 RAM
ANTEC 900 Cabinet
Samsung DVDRW
Seagate 2X320GB SATA HDD --> HoLD for hanzy,domnic
Cooler Master 650W PSU --> HoLD for hanzy
Saffire HD3870
Viewsonic 22" LCD --> HoLD for rocky_pratik

Complete Buy -> Rs 50K + Shipping @ Actuals

No BreakUps and No Low Ballers....

All Products are less than 1 year old and have minimum 3 years warranty adn some have 5 years warranty.

If people want seperate items then they have to wait till i get each user for each item.

Images removed - DO YOU know the etiquette of posting in a forum? Do you? Please post proper thumbs OR small images linked to the hosting site where the enormous images are hosted. Using this forum as you personal market will get you kicked out in no time.
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