1. K

    Ip address

    How do you find the ip address of a computer on the same network And how to hide own ip from other clients on the same network....
  2. B

    Z drive auto shown in my computer

    Hi Friends, A Z drive is being shown in my computer in Windows 10 *oi63.tinypic.com/2e51vh0.jpg It showed up last week but after restarting it was gone. Now it has returned few days back. Some sites say it is a virtual drive and others say that it is a partition drive. And I also...
  3. Pratik Pawar

    Rooting Queries

    Just bought a new Yuphoria (Stock Android) my first Android, Touchscreen experience:-D wanted to hide some apps, heard about Nova launcher, but hiding apps is in paid version. others, like Hide it pro etc ask for Rooting. whats it? is it good or not? does it violates any warranty? wanted to...
  4. S

    hiding apps on android

    I have a nexus 4 ....android 4.3 Is there a way to hide app icons without rooting or using launchers???
  5. Inceptionist

    Is this best way to hide my files?

    I've created a partition (A:\) and I wanted to keep it hidden from other people who will use my PC. I am administrator of the PC and my account is password protected while other account is Standard User without any password.. To keep my files safe, I've removed everyone else in the 'Security'...
  6. netizen3000

    Disappearing files

    I use a transcend 16GB pendrive recently it got infected by virus so i removed them with anti virus.The problem is that now i can find only find the short cuts to the files that were present in the drive.I solved that problem by going to folder options and checked the show hidden files and...
  7. anarchy0x

    Hiding files in a computer

    What would be the safest way to hide your stuff in computer? Should I download a software like Folderlock or should I just shift the files I want to hide in say, a game folder?Or should I just create a whole new partition which is only accessible to me? I do have user password set but I had to...
  8. dalbir

    moving messages from android phone to comp

    i am using samsung galaxy 5. i have some questions regarding this....... how can i move my messages from mobile to my computer to free the space. how to hide or lock the messages section?
  9. patkim

    MS Communicator - How to Hide Idle time

    Is anyone using/familar with Microsoft Communicator 2005 (Instant Messenger tool) After predefined interval of inactivity, the status changes to 'Away' however along with it also shows the last active time since when the status is idle. like Status Away - Idle Since 3:00 PM Is there any way...
  10. Prince Sinha

    Fake IP Address

    Hey guys, I know to fake IP Address on web but those software do not fake your IP Address on Multi Player Gaming. I had tried "Hide my Ip" and "Hide your IP". But these do not fake your IP Address, still they can trace you from where you are! Do you know any soft that works on...
  11. Tech.Masti

    how to hide IP???

    how to hide IP address?? i know there is some ready software available, but is there any good freeware available???? thanx..... Note: i have no idea about legality of this issue, no idea that hiding ip is legal or not, so if it not ok to post here, please mods delete it.... :(
  12. pra85

    hide a icon from the taskbar

    my OS is Win 7 Ultimate i want to hide the icon of Utorrent in the taskbar so that it only works in the background without being detected by anybody:mrgreen: [hide in the sense that it is not at all there ,even in the hidden icons]
  13. saswat23

    TaskBar icon hidding

    I need a soft or a trick to hide icons of uTorrent and IDM from the taskbar permanently. I dont have a broadband connection at my home so i have to visit cafe to download latest songs, vids and softs. Suppose i download UBUNTU O/S, it would take approx 4hrs. So, i want a soft by which i can...
  14. TeckKy

    How to tweak Explorer toolbar in W7

    Is there any way to add or modify the 'tools'/buttons in the Explorer's toolbar below the addressbar in Windows7:?: Or even hide toolbar too like menu bar:!:
  15. ritesh.techie

    Advance Tweaking: Firefox Menus

    Check out the Basic level tweaking here You can tweak your menus using userChrome.css file. userChrome.css is a CSS file that can be used to change the way Mozilla Firefox interface look. But to edit it you need to locate it first. For Windows XP users: C:\Documents and...
  16. happy17292

    How to hide an icon from system tray?

    i want to hide the icon of utorrent from my tray icon. i tried "always hide" option on customize notifications. but i want it to completely invisible from tray. is there any freeware tool or shareware [torrent links please] by which i can hide the icon of utorrent from tray. it should have...
  17. K

    Any way to this?

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows XP Home Edition(SP2). I want to hide icons, files and whatever I can on my PC. Any Free and Best Software for the purpose?
  18. S

    Hide Process From Windows xp Task Manager

    I Wanat To Hide Some Process From Windows XP Task Manager How It Possible? Please Tell Me As Soon As Possible! Thanks In Advance!;)
  19. S

    How to hide a folder in 3110c

    I want to know how to hide a folder in 3110c...please explain if there is an application for it and if so from where to download it and how much does it costs if at all it costs. Thanks
  20. Most Wanted

    A little Q.

    Hi friends, please tell me how to make a link in my thread here, in which link should be hide behind some text. As other members make. Tell me quickly please
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