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Folder options problem

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Yesterday i have noticed a small problem with my friends laptop. He is not able to view the hidden folders/files. Actually, when we select "show hidden files and folders" and click on Apply & Ok, it get restored to previous option "Do not show .....". He is facing this from last two months. He has NOD32 installed as av.

I have installed SP3 after that (dreamed that it would restore all) but failed to have the smile.

Can anybody have the answer.

(think virus is there but NOD failed to catch, else there is something in registry)


My friend had the same problem...........
and my home PC also got the same problem..................
and guess what........I HAVE AVIRA INSTALLED ON MY HOME PC!.......

got my problem solved at..........
"http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61413" problem number 23.......

I am uing NOD 32 at my college PC and its working just fine..........no virus problems since I bought my PC.


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That link may fix your issue about hidden files and folders. But if your computer is really infected(which I doubt is infected cuz the settings are getting reset), I would suggest you to first remove the infection rather than tweaking the registry cuz tweaking the registry won't take care of the virus problem.

You can download the following file and run it, it should take care of the almost every malware/virus:


Do not do anything on the computer while its running. Let it finish and then it would reboot the computer. Once the computer is backup it would generate a log of what it has removed. Wait for the log to get generated(meaning do not do until the log is generated). Total time taken to remove the infection/s may vary. So be patient.

Hope this helps. :)
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