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What Are Hidden Links??


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hey SEOs!!! can anyone tell me that exactly hidden links are??
Does they effects the rankings in anyway??

Thanks is advance..!!


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Hidden links are simply the links which are not present to see on the webpage but they are always embedded in the image file by using <a href>. When someone clicks on that image then that user will get redirected on some other webpage. It might affect the Google search results of that website or a webpage!


Right off the assembly line
Hidden links mean those links which are readable for search engine spiders but not to human. Webmasters will use this trick to get back links benefits. They can put these type of links in white background with white color so human cannot see it but spiders can see it. If such links can be found in our website then Google will remove our website from Google index and our website will never show up in the SERP so we have to always avoid such tricks.
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Steve Smith

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Hidden links are links that are intended to be crawled by Googlebot, but are unreadable to humans because:
- The link consists of hidden text
- CSS has been used to make tiny hyperlinks
- The link is hidden in a small character - for example, a hyphen in the middle of a paragraph.
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