1. vickybat

    Unable to run wildcard queries in hibernate search

    Hello guys, I'm unable to run wildcard type queries in hibernate search. Hibernate search is not the ORM persistence api we all are acquainted with but is a different thing. It's a full text and search api that searches through documents by indexing them. It's built on top of apache lucene...
  2. G

    Hibernate on laptop problem?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a Laptop having specs CORE i5. 8 GB memory and 500 GB hdd, actually whenever I try to hibernate, I got a BSOD after some time, which stated "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE", what could be the problem? please let me know the solution, I've tried to attach a screenshot of...
  3. G

    Hibernate light runs on laptop?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a HP DV6 Core i5 Laptop, some days ago, its heatsink has gone bad, its in the care pack, so the service center engineer came and replaced the heatsink, after that it has affected with some overheating issues as well as it hdd activity light is not running and its...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    how to dual hibernate?

    I'm having a Windows 7 pro + Linux Mint 14 dual boot laptop. I'm able to hibernate Linux Mint and then boot into windows 7, but i'm unable to do it vice-versa. Can somebody please suggest a way to hibernate windows 7 and then boot into Linux Mint.
  5. ramakanta

    Hibernate option

    I have Win7 OS install in my pc. but it has no hibernate option . please help me how to active and show up Hibernate option right side of shut down buttom . please help me. thank you. :|
  6. sky90

    Hibernate in windows 7?

    Hi, i am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i had enabled hibernate in it but i dont see hibernate option in shut down menu. My system config is--> intel core 2 quad processor, Nvidia 9800GT and 4GB RAM. Why is it happening and how to solve it???
  7. rhitwick

    Help: PC goes to Hibernate but not shuts down

    Guys, the title is a bit misguiding as the problem is quite confusing to put in a line. I've a PC running Win7. I use UPS of APC which has a facility to shut down the PC when electricity goes off. It used to work perfectly when I was running WinXP. Now in Win7, PC goes to Hibernate when...
  8. hansraj

    Auto Hibernation in windows 7

    Guys this problem luks too big to me but somehow i feel the solution would be very simple. The problem is my desktop refuses to hibernate after the specified period of 10 mins of idle activity. What i want to achieve is: 1. PC should hibernate on 10 mins of no activity(keyboard or mouse)...
  9. rohitshubham

    Computer Not hibernating

    help me my computer is not hibernating ....... i am running win XP sp3. from past 4-5 days , i am not able to put my computer in to hibernate mode. whenever i click hibernate button, the logoff screen shows"preparing to hibernate. but after few seconds desktop comes back again... i am running...
  10. lahratla

    Schedule Wake up and hibernate for DataOne

    I want to wake my Laptop from hibernate mode at 2:10am each day and then hibernate at 7:50am each day. How do I do? Also, I want to start my modem Nokia Siemens C2110 for BSNL DataOne once the laptop wakes up and then turn it off when the laptop hibernates? How Do I do? If I kept the modem...
  11. G

    Vista and OpenSUSE; Hibernate, Sleep/Suspend Error

    Previously, in my dell laptop with vista the sleep and hibernate used to work fine and great. And i have now created a dual boot system of OpenSUSE 11.1 and Vista. And now the Sleep and Hibernate feature of vista does't work neither works the hibernate and suspend of OpenSUSE. Can anybody tell...
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Cant Hibernate xp ???

    im gettin this message when i press hibernate ??? insufficient system resources exist to complete the api
  13. T

    Windows XP hibernation problem

    Hey guys i just recently replaced my 1gig ram stick with a new 2gig ram stick in my desktop machine. however now i find that my windows xp wont hibernate. when i hold down the shift button and press hibernate the desktop reappears. also before pressing the hibernate button, there is a hibernate...
  14. A

    S/by & Hibernate options missing using nVidia drivers

    Hi I have eVGA 8800GTS 320MB SC PCIe. I am using WinXP with SP3. However after I have loaded nVidia driver v178.x, the s/by & hibernate options have stopped working. I don't want to revert to older version of drivers. So how can I enable the s/by & hibernate options? I have already tried...
  15. J

    plz help me

    hello folks I have a problem here. I wanted to log on to my PC with a password but even when I log on with an administrator account it doesnt give me the option of signing in with a password. But when I hibernate and then restart my PC the potion of signing in with a password is on. Kindly help...
  16. piyush.ml20

    hibernate & system restore not appearing in windows xp sp2

    i am using amd athlon dual core 2.5 ghz with asus m2npv-vm motherboard socket - am2. i have installed windows xp sp2 on my computer but hibernate & system restore options are not appearing in windows. is my hardware not compatible or it is windows problem.
  17. dreams

    Vista hibernation screen+removed????

    Hi all.. I have installed Vista Ultimate in my lappy which has XP too. It's a dual boot. In XP if I hibernate, I get a screen telling Windows XP is hibernating. But in Vista, if I hibernate, the screen goes blank and after few seconds the lappy hibernates. Doesn't Vista Ultimate has...
  18. K

    hibernation prob in vista

    i accidently deleted hibernation.sys file required for hibernate option from disk cleanup and now my hibernation option (windows vista premieum in a notebook) is gone. how could i bring back this setting.i tried in power option through control panel and also the windows help but got no real...
  19. evewin89

    hibernate problem..

    2dy only i installed xp & i m not able 2 turn hibernate on.....the error says "
  20. M


    every time i boot hibernate file get formed despite having been deleted both manually and by tune up utilities 2008. i wnt to disable it permanently- is there any way around
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