Godfather Help,getting out of the car

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Hmmm .. i can assure u that this game will be buggy if u use the crack (which u r currently using) .... .... plz. search via google before posting such topic ... this is the major bug with the game when played with the modified exe ....
ratedrsuperstar said:
hey guyz i get in a car by pressing the space bar but don't seem to get out if i press it again.
try the crack at

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@Ratedsuperstar: Please provide some proof of you using a genuine copy of the game. No help for pirated copies.

@arvind: At 286 posts, you should be well versed with forum rules. If you want to do anything illegal, please do it outside Digit forums. A repeat act will earn you a place in a very special category.

Thread locked due to possible use of pirated game. Will be unlocked if sufficient proof of a genuine copy being used is provided to any of the mods.
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