which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience..


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which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience..
If anyone used..

And is MotoG3 compatible with VR?
i google it and found that it doesnt have gyro-sensor.


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i bought Lenovo k4 note with ANTVR model...
the ANTVR is not correctly VR model its just magnify the picture..
and its good with lenovo k4 note, dont know how to use with other android..
because lenovo k4 note has setting to split the screen,

And plus thing..
lenovo k4 note has very bad camera output.. its just 5mp and stating 13mp..
why the all mobile companies gives wrong megapixel info? there should be some legal authorities to check correct part info( Like ISI mark )
they are all cheaters..


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Ah, nice.Please Keep updating, it will be helpful to other members.

Thing about camera, well, that is true, every company is doing that cause people are running behind numbers like megapixels, internal memory(though out of 8GB only 2GB is available for customer), RAM, regardless of the fact how well the phone is optimized.


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Withiout gyro sensor, there won't be "head tracking", so buying a vr headset will become useless as you wont be able to get in the VR world and almost all of the VR games needs gyroscope. So i suggest you to buy a 5.5 to 6 inch with FHD or QHD display (amoled if possible) and with gyroscope sensor if you wish to get an immersive expirience. I have bought this "Irusu Play Vr" from amazon for my Asus Zenfone 2 and having a great time with it. :)
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