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I have a couple of headphones -
Philips SHM7410U Wired Headset
SoundMAGIC PL11 Wired Headphones

They work very fine and are fully compatible with my HP laptop and my Nokia Lumia 520.

But then, I recently bought the Sony Xperia M dual which doesn't seem to support any of the above headphones. It did come with its own set of headphones which, by the way, are compatible with it as well as my previous devices (HP laptop & Lumia 520).

However, I want to use my previous headphones (especially the SoundMAGIC one) with my Xperia. How can I do so?

Link to an image showing the headphones' jacks -

P.S. My Philips headset did come with an adapter, but even that did not help at all.


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Sound magic PL 11 will produce low sound with xperia Phones. I have a Sony tipo and i was using sound magic PL11 but sound came out to be low and uninspiring.

I will suggest you to buy sound magic ES18.


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Thank you for replying. However at present I do not plan to spend on another pair of headphones.

Instead, I would like to know of a way by which my phone can support my existing headphones.
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