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  1. D

    need help for upgrading processor from AMD Phenom II X2 560 on Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2

    hello ! i have presently the following specs and i need help upgrading my system for gaming purpose please help from processor to RAM to GPU and MB if required ! thanks CPU-Z TXT Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaries...
  2. Z

    Processor Fan header seems to be dead, change motherboard ?

    When I was working on my PC it suddenly turned off, I tried switching it ON, after POST beep, it turned off again. When I checked inside the cabinet, the Processor fan was not spinning.. so the BIOS setting automatically shuts down, because processor is overheating. I tried connecting the fan...
  3. J

    Motherboard USB 2.0 header to front panel USB 3.0 connection

    I have recently bought a new cabinet, CoolerMaster K281 with two nos of front panel USB 3.0 ports. However, my mother board (ASUS, M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 (AM3)) does not have USB 3.0 header. Right now I do not have any plans to upgrade the motherboard having USB 3.0 header. Is any PCIe USB 3.0 card...
  4. Ashokkumar01cbe

    compiler not working properly

    Hi, first my system specs is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. i5 processor,4 GB RAM,I am using codeblocks software for the compilation of my c programs. yesterday i do a little program in c++ .i gave the header file <iostream.h> it shows up that there is no such file in the directory.please help me...
  5. Faun

    Floating menu CSS

    How do I make the floating menu like this website: EON11-S Custom Gaming Laptop Product Features and Details | ORIGIN PC Currently it's like this on my website: psygeist Floating menu should move up once the user scroll past the header.
  6. patkim

    USB Header to USB socket cable

    Do we get internal USB Header to USB socket cable? I.e One end will go into the header pins on mobo. Other will be a USB socket just floating inside the cabinet, instead of bringing it at the front panel.
  7. dead.night7

    Help needed reguarding MOBO Headers

    :!:Dear friends, I have connected the header pins that are responsible to boot up the computer namely JPF1 Header. I have connected the header pins at the righteous place as I know and the computer starts with LED turning on. Now, next day I start my computer the led doesn't glows resulting...
  8. Pragadheesh

    How to edit Build system paths in Visual Studio 2005

    Hi, I want to change the build system path for building my VC++ project in VS2005. When I try to build the project, I'm getting an error that a specified header file cannot be opened. I have that header file in "Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Include". But the path present in 'Build system...
  9. nix

    perl:regarding commas and semicolons

    i have inserted a program below. as seen below, some statements use semicolons and some use commas, there seems to be no definite rule to follow, can anyone enlighten me on this? thanks... 1 #!/usr/bin/perl 2 use strict; 3 use CGI':standard'; 4 if(param) 5 { 6 my...
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Dell Studio 15

    I've been waiting long for my chance to get a laptop and this time citing project reasons coupled with my sister's needs too I got myself a Dell Studio 15 whilst a Lenovo S10 for my sister. :hap2: Initially I planned for XPS M1730 but due to some family plans had to downsize my budget...
  11. J

    C/C++ Graphics Programming

    Now, Graphics.h header is not available any more. What is the replacement of this header file
  12. blueshift

    GCC error- help

    1. When I compile using GCC, its giving me error 'cannot find stdio.h...other header files.' Its just a simple hello program that I checked. It used to compile the last time I ran. I checked the directory: /usr/src/linuxheader.../include/asm. There are no stdio.h, stdlib.h header files. What...
  13. satyamy

    Want to Insert Header and Background in Forum ?

    I have a Vbulletin forum, a header image and a backgound image, i want to insert that header and background into vbulletin forum, dont know how to do this ? can anyone tell Please can anyone help me in this ? Please help
  14. A

    using help in ide

    I have switched from turbo c to DevCPP/MingW. I used to use help in tc ide using Ctrl + F1 placing cursor on the function or header file for which i wanted help. How can i get such help in DevCpp or any other ide?
  15. S

    Help Needed

    i m planning to implement NAT.... i.e. network address translation...... is it difficult to change the header of the incoming n outgoin packets of PC...i.e. is it possible to maniputale the header of the packets....... can it b implemented using codes in C or JAVA..... can ne1 please guide me...
  16. H

    need help in opengl basic programming

    hello friends i am planing to do my final year project in computer graphics.. for that my HOD told me to learn opengl programming. i have to learn basic drawings of line, circle, rectangle, clearing screen etc.. i know c and c++ and i use turbo c, the problem is i downloaded GLUT and utility...
  17. naveen_reloaded

    Blogspot Query

    i have a blog in blogspot and want to know few things.. 1.) i wantto edit eh template so that below my header image is a ad... 2.)presently i use "Snapshot Sable" theme.. but there is currently a blank left side space on the left hand side... i want o put up some more widgets over the...
  18. I

    How to change text in an photo/image

    Hope you can help me. I am new to graphics software and want to edit text on a graphic.The graphic is a website header that I want to modify. I want to be able to change the text without changin the graphic. Thanx
  19. R

    Azureus giving problems:Bad Header

    Whenever i try to download anything from Azureus it shows some error message saying the file could not be opened Bad Header.... blah blah.. any suggestion on how i can get rid of that??? i think reinstalling it would work.. but not tried it... if it works i'll post it here..
  20. naveen_reloaded

    phpbb problem..after easymod installation

    hi guys... i am having a phpbb forum in 110mb.com i tried to install easymod version 3.0 beta... the installation went half way thru when i realised that my host has safe mode on which does not easy mod to work ... ut it was too late as the installation process have replaced my...
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