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  1. avichandana20000

    HCL ME not starting

    My friend has a HCL ME TAB , Model :Connect 2g. Last Day i have inserted my SIM in it and from that time it refused to show Home Screen. What i have done: 1)I have pressed power button and it has started with the Music then "HCL ME" appears and got stuck there. 2) So I have switched it...
  2. S

    [Solved] Windows 8 installation

    I have HCL ME Xite 45 Laptop.It has 2 GB RAM.Can I install Windows 8 32 bit in my laptop.In Hcl website no driver software is available for windows 8 for this model.So if I can install windows 8 in my system.So please help me to find the place where I can get the required driver software.I have...
  3. flyingcow

    Changing parts form 2 PC's(troubleshooting) [URGENT]

    hey guys my old pc is having problems it doesnt boot up, no display , checked woth GPU and with mobo vga didnt work. removed ram, replaced rams tried 2-3 diff. rams didnt work. placed no ram and booted, no sound or beeps (which come from the pc when faulty ram inserted etc) i think that the...
  4. Moy

    [Query] HCL Service center?

    Can anybody provide me the address of ''HCL service center'' for ''HCL Desktop''? Please, it is urgent. :-(
  5. I

    HCL Monitor Flickers

    I have a HCL LED Monitor and it was working fine until today. When i switched on my PC i noticed some green blotches ont the welcome screen and when my desktop screen came i noticed green flickering dots on it. It bothered me but i ddnt take any notice, but i noticed that it was affecting my...
  6. aaruni

    [For Sale] HCL Me u1

    1. *Model number and details: HCL ME U1 Android 4.0.3 Cortex A8 1GHz 7 inch 800 X 480 Capacitive Screen 0.3 MP Front Camera 4 GB internal storage. 32 GB expandable 1 GB DDR3 RAM I/O ports : Full USB, mini-USB, Micro SD Card slot Wi-Fi enabled 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery 2. *Date of...
  7. debarshi

    Rooting HCL ME Y2

    I got this HCL ME Y2 tablet as a gift..... Does anyone here have any idea on how to root this thing because normal root methods like oneclickroot are not working. Any help would be highly appreciated. :)
  8. S

    How is HCL G1 tablet

    Hi, I want to buy a 10" tablet, but budget is restricted. I am not comfortable going for the small brands like Micromax, etc because of the service problems noted by others in the forum. So, I want to know others opinion about HCL G1 tablet which is 15k. From general reviews, it looks like...
  9. CarlonSamuels

    Tablet around 15k

    Hey guys im looking for a tablet in the sub 15k range Requirements Dual Core processor Decent GPU Battery life of about 5-7 hrs 3G calling ICS Also i dont want any Chinese or Indian brand(Iberry,Micromax etc dont want HCL either) I have no idea about tablets so help me I can extend...
  10. vidhubhushan

    Advice for Budget Tablet under INR7000

    Interested in buying a budget tablet. budget is INR7,000 (the lesser the better) use - browsing, youtube, facebook, watching all sort of videos (avi, mp4, wmv, mpg, mkv, m2ts....) and mp3 songs (for that might connect speaker set to 3.5mm slot) internet - right now will use MBlaze, and at...
  11. R

    Suggest me a budget tablet

    I am looking a for a budget tablet below 6K INR and found the following of my interest. They are: 1) Byond MI3 2) Micromax P275 Infinity 3) HCL ME U1 4) Ambrane AC-7 I am interested in Byond MI3 because it has got 1 gb ram and a 1.2 Ghz processor along with some kind of graphics...
  12. D

    PC buying need help...

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Modern Games at low to medium settings ( Battle field...
  13. Nighthawk12

    Suggest me good PSU.

    Budget 2.7k MAX. Was confused b/w-Cooler master 450W thunder for 2500 and Corsair CX430V2 for 2700(Flipkart)Will check local price of Corsair 430v2. Currently having stock PSU given by HCL (ATX 250W)I don't think I can run HD 7750 with this PSU.
  14. Sam22

    HCL ME 74 Keyboard key

    Hello all, One of the keys of my laptop keyboard just broke down so I wanted to know can it get one key separately for it or do i have to change the whole keyboard? I am using HCL ME 74.
  15. S

    Comaprision Between HCL and HP laptop

    Hi frnzs, Me and my friend were debating on which of the laptop brand is good. He was on the side of HCl ( He owns ME AE1V2661-X laptop) and i on HP ( Planning for g6-2005ax). After debating for some half an hour we thought why not ask the expert's show after googling we are here. So...
  16. digit1191

    Charger wire is getting hot and melting !! Help

    I have an old HCL laptop. 4 yrs old.. the thing is the charger got burnt in the tip (where we connect it to the laptop, that pin) and it melted the plastic coating and the pin inside.. I got a new charger from HCL today.. after 5 mins running time again some burning smell started coming...
  17. trublu

    HCL ME Leaptop 39 Drivers ?

    My friend is going to install windows 7 on his HCL Me Leaptop 39. But he is not able to find relevant windows 7 drivers. All download links on the HCL official website are dead :-? . Can someone help me out here?
  18. C


    My local dealer is trying to sell me 4 gb of HCL ram. Anyone used it? Should I buy it? I was planning on corsair xm3... But if says it's real bad... Is it really so? Thanks in advanced
  19. P

    HCl VS ASUS? WHich shud i buy?

    Laptops NEW, HCL ME XITE L 2035 A I came thru this laptop, well the specs are pretty same as of Asus k series laptop which is pretty famous in this forum. So Whats ur opinion?
  20. S

    Hcl infinity powerlite 9100tr

    Hi everyone, i m having hcl infiniti powerlite 9100 tr laptop with xp installed, its dvd drive is not working now,even its not able to read any cd/dvd, so i borrow usb dvd drive from my friend for a fresh instalation of xp, but still its not booting form usb after changing the boot device...
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