1. W

    Urgent Camera Buying Advise Required

    Hello folks! When it comes to buying something tech, i always come here for the best advise. Today i really need your help selecting a digital camera. Firstly my budget is 6000/- or lower. (Reason: just wish to click friends & family photos for Facebook or memories :) don't want a bulky SLR, i...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    Chrome browser Youtube problem

    I have this problem only with Chrome All other websites work properly The thing is i hate Firefox and IE. I wanna keep using Chrome. How to fix this? - - - Updated - - - ps. Video shows as "Unavailable" Cant watch any Youtube videos from Chrome
  3. Flash

    Being an INDIAN, when do you feel HAPPY and HATE?

    Being an INDIAN, when do you feel HAPPY and HATE?
  4. seamon

    What do you hate most about your laptop or desktop?

    I hate it when my laptop thinks Firefox is a game and runs it in SLI causing it to microstutter due to windowed mode.
  5. M

    Seeking laptop under 45000..plz help

    I want i5,4-8gb ram,nvdia graphics 2gb..i just want a fine gaming machine along with general purpose..help me..and i hate hcl
  6. srkmish

    What are some of the things that you hate but everyone around you seems to love?

    Mine are 1) I hate discos. The music is too loud to really enjoy a song and its not like i have the luxury of toning down the volume. Also, there are too many people and its impossible to enjoy a conversation. I recently went to this loud music bar and the music was so loud that i requested...
  7. H

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste *git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/plugins/xsettings/gsd-xsettings-manager.c?id=696e04d41a485f84870a98c85b819979928b69e9 In other news, GNOME users hate GNOME developers, remove GNOME as desktop enviornment.
  8. JGuru

    Java 8 : A sneek preview!!

    Java 8 is trying to "innovate," . This means stealing a lot of things that have typically been handled by other frameworks and languages, then incorporating them into the language or runtime (aka standardization). Ahead of the next release, the Java community is talking about Project Lambda...
  9. Limitless

    Need Help with C++ Softwares

    Can anyone suggest me some good C++ programming software other than Turbo C++ because I hate it 'cause of the blue color :)
  10. abhi_10_20

    Skyrim launch - Steam Error - Failed to start the game (Unknown error)

    I sure as hell am repenting to have downloaded a game via Steam. 2 days of painfully slow downloads and now this. The game doesn't even start. Have you guys experienced this? I hate to go to Steam support, would hate to see a copy pasted usual reply to one and all problems the whole world...
  11. axes2t2

    Happy Diwali everyone

    Happy Diwali everyone...enjoy ravyache ladoo and chakli and screw firecrackers because Cats hate firecrackers. *www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXfAVeSpCjU
  12. cacklebolt

    [Q]how to change username

    is there by any chance a way to change my username??? i hate mine:-?
  13. JojoTheDragon

    Religion, do we really need it ?

    Religion, you are familiar with it. You may call yourself Hindu, Muslim, Christian..etc..etc. But do we really need religion ? Is one's conscience not enough ? Is the simple belief "God is real " not enough that you need to go further and say that I'm "XYZ " religious ? I feel that Religion has...
  14. KDroid

    The Cricket Channel

    Does this thread needs an explanation? :) I know that there are not much cricket lovers @ TDF! Many hate it! :) I don't mind at all! Upcoming International Fixtures: (Upto August 31, 2011)
  15. Rohan_B

    Phone Under 15K

    i want to buy a phone under 15,000 Rs. I want Android and a touch screen! QWERTY is NOT required. Also I hate Nokia so please do-not recommend it! Thanx!
  16. Psychosocial

    Do you hate your principal/school head ?

    Was bored so just made this thread. Drop your opinions. Do you hate your principal/school head ? Do you hate him/her/it so much that you cut his/her/it's head off and fry the rest of the body and feed it to sharks ? Or do you admire him/her/it ? As per me, I hate my principal and discipline...
  17. R

    rant : hate being a newbie !

    Hi guys .... I hate being a newbie ..... I was an old old member in lots of tech forums in the US but this is my first one in India .... I have come back home .... Cannot have an avtar/signature .... and other restrictions ..... But I like what little I have seen here ..... Would like...
  18. S

    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Let me start. My favourite weapons are gravity gun(Half Life), sniper rifle I hate steyn
  19. dreamcatcher

    I hate the Olympics!!!

    Yes, I hate it from the from the bottom of my heart. Every 4 years, when the olympics comes around, i dread being an Indian. I dread the pitiful eyes that look upon us a retard or the physically challenged. I hate it when I se a 669 strong Chinese contingent coming out followed by a 56 member...
  20. K

    Need help printer all in 1

    Hello i need help select a all in one color printer of canon or hp for home use.price limit around 5 - 6k. Bump Urgent!! please Hate automerge cant bump the post Found 2 HP printers C4348 and Hp 915 which is better and any suggestion of cannon
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