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  1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. A


    Can you say me what are the benefits of Graphic Cards
  3. bssunilreddy

    What you wanted to become and What you became? (In life)

    Hai, What you wanted to become and What you became? (In life) I wanted to become an archaeologist and I ended up becoming an Advocate.
  4. R

    Tribute to Kishoreda on his 86th Birth anniversary

    On occasion of Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary, there were series of events here in Mumbai. Including a musical program with Amit Kumar, presided over by Babul Supriyo (Now a minister!). That sent me back into Kishore Kumar nostalgic. Here are a collections of Saregama's Kishore Kumar’s...
  5. A

    Lava Mobiles to launch android one smartphone

    When is this Android one 2.0 from LAVA going to launch yaaar? Matlab maine apne friends se suna hai that this is going to be a really cool phone. Mid range me 5 inch screen and upar se @gb ram, best pack hai according to me. I can’t wait for it, my current phone is such a waste. Its so old, I...
  6. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] i5 4570 or i5 4440

    Hai, I want to buy i5 4570 or i5 4440 if available for a competitive prices.PM me asap.
  7. funskar

    PappuPedia - We indulge in scams because we need money for Pappu’s brain transplant

    Pappu Gyaan "Politics is everywhere, it's in your shirt, it's in your pants" "Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom" "India is bigger than Europe and United States put together" "Poverty is a State of Mind, if you have confidence, you will overcome it" "Agar desh ko badlna hai, toh pahle...
  8. D

    Funny memorable comments heard in a theater.

    Sometimes its irritating sometimes its more enjoyable than the film(of course when the film is a dud!). It comes with the entertainment package and you cant neglect it.:D Yes i am talking about the funny one liners which some of the people inside the hall says during a certain scene.Here are...
  9. T

    Earthing from cabinet

    I don't know how to write this in english as I've always spoken/heard of it in hindi. "Mera cabinet current maarta hai. " What should I do?
  10. D

    hai all..sugeesion regarding my career...

    hai all... im a be(ece) and 2012 passed out..due to few issues i did't complete my engineering yet.got 10 + arrears..though i have written my nov exam,i may still need a sem or 2 to clear all my backs...so in the mean while i thought of taking up a job in a bpo...i attended an interview in...
  11. bubusam13

    Girlfriends are responsible for road accidents !!

    Do you know Girlfriends are responsible for accidents ? No, I am not saying so but Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh said so. Girlfriends responsible for accidents, says Raman Singh - Indian Express
  12. sam9953

    Old Hindi Songs CD 1970's (6 Volume Pack)

    Item name: Enchanting melodies Date of purchase: One year back Reason for sale: Not using it anymore Warranty details: No warranty available Expected Price: Rs 50 per CD Location of Seller: Rohini, Delhi Courier: Yes, using DTDC Shipping charges: As applicable Payment methods: Cash, Bank...
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    saali chor!!!

    OE1UuP8vohU lyrics take in the epicness of the song ... many people have seen or faced this "saali chor" phenomenon... so what do you have to say about the phenomena and the epic song ;) ?
  14. varunparakh

    Warranty on purchasing online (SGR)

    Visited a mobile store today, twas some famous branded outlet, dont remeber the name (poor mem ). Queried for SGR's price, they said 23k, i said what!! its available everywhere on the internet at ~20k,they repleid, Internet par to miljaega and "price kal hi increase hui hai". They also told...
  15. Vartul

    Best Flash Game you ever played?

    Did you find a Flash Pearl on the net? Share! Here's mine- Sieger: What could be more fun than Destroying Castles and Forts as you blast your way through History? An absolutely addicting game. It was 12 at night and mom was going ballistic-"Aankhen kharaab ho jaayengi, nasha ho gaya hai Is ladke...
  16. S

    Suggest power supply

    Hello friends plz suggest a good power supply for my system Asus P5KPL-AM/PS mobo Intel C2D E7400 2.8 Ghz Kingston 2gb ram 800 MHz Ati Radeon hd 5670 1gb(mini req 400w or greater psu) Hdd seagate 1tb & 80gb Lg dvd writer iball psu 400w(in warranty) is iball ke psu ki wajehe se mere hdd aur...
  17. Stuge

    Corruption is Our Right -"Corruption Par Hamara Bhi Haq Banta Hai "Watch the Video

    Corruption is Our Right -"Corruption Par Hamara Bhi Haq Banta Hai "Watch the Video: rofl ..///hahah .First honest politician in the world lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW4b83rEcw0
  18. quan chi

    C.I.D pjs

    Guys my cell inbox is getting flooded with funny cid pjs. therefore thought of sharing them with you all. 1.glycodin piyoge to door hogi khasi glycodin piyoge to door hogi khasi acp pradyuman bola tumhe to phansi hogi phansi. 2.jadugar main jaadugar naam hai mera goga...
  19. amraj

    Lets get relax and get some new and funny jokes

    Its time to get relaxed. I am here to share some good jokes with you all. If any body also has some good jokes please share them in this thread. What is TENSION? Ek sunder ladki ne aap se lift mangi, raste me uski tabiyat kharab ho gayi, aap use hospital le gaye. Dr. Bola - mubarak ho, aap...
  20. toofan

    One Simple Question!

    Hi friends please reply my following question. I received it from a SMS. Agar Paresaani ka talluk Dimag se hai to Heart Attack kyoun Hoa hai. aour agar pyar ka talluk Dil se hai to Pyar mein Log paga kyoun ho jate hain. English Version: If problems are related to Mind then Why we have Heart...
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