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Hi friends please reply my following question. I received it from a SMS.

Agar Paresaani ka talluk Dimag se hai
to Heart Attack kyoun Hoa hai.
aour agar pyar ka talluk Dil se hai to
Pyar mein Log paga kyoun ho jate hain.

English Version:
If problems are related to Mind then
Why we have Heart Attack
& If Love is related to Heart then
Why People become mad In love.

Please reply thanks.


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because.. Heart and Brain are interconnected with fiber optic cables :razz:

I think love is related to brain. Brain says you to love or not to love. Poor hard only does pumping blood job.

P.S: I am a noob in these kinda things.. Don't take my words seriously.


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Actually, you could have PM'ed me. Instead of bumping into the thread and going completely off the topic.

And about the spelling, My bad.. Didn't observed it. Sorry Sachin.

Sorry dudes (for going off the topic)


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post testing. dimaag hi toh hai, dil bechara to matr ek pumping organ hai.
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