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hai all... im a be(ece) and 2012 passed out..due to few issues i did't complete my engineering yet.got 10 + arrears..though i have written my nov exam,i may still need a sem or 2 to clear all my backs...so in the mean while i thought of taking up a job in a bpo...i attended an interview in ALLSEC tech and got selected for a UK process....and my pay is roughly around 10k....so i just want to know whether to go ahead and take up the job or to try in IT domain??how good is the company??please help me with this.........thanks in advance:cool:


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yea i too knw that...but now i cant enter IT cos they expect a degree which i dont have now due to my backpapers...Top of that im in need of money....257 views juzone reply:(...anyways thank you


You can get into SOftware Testing , Software Quality & Deployment , QA , Technical Writer , Web Designer , etc in small companies. All they need is skill , since they cant afford to keep all their employees as Engineers or Degree Holders.

Most of the BPO companies have very hectic life.Specially a non-technical BPO/or non-ITO is worst for person with Technical skills.
And getting 10k as pay is probably the lowest among industry standard.//

Economic hardship is hard to tackle , but a spoiled career is even worse.

And if you are still planning for getting into BPO , don't settle for any small company. Better would be to get into any MNC or big company like Convergys, IBM , HCL. SO that at least when you clear your BE/Bsc., you will get opportunities internally(IJPs) to change your domain to IT.


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stay away from BPO..It will spoil your career bro...
Try to get Job in some IT firm,Don't bother if the pay is a bit less because by this you may be atleast make a entry in your desired field.


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I recommend you to do a course .. Testing, Networking (preferred), programming (Java or .NET), web designing etc. this will help you in the longer run.
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